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Varsity Jackets

The varsity jacket is very popular among young people. Normally, we use 70/30CVC, 80/20CVC, 32s roman fabric with a weight of about 300G. Are you looking for a varsity jackets manufacturer?  MLADEN has many years of cheap varsity jacket wholesale experience, we can also provide blank letterman jackets wholesale. You can print and embroider according to your team’s preferences. Mass production is also our advantage. We have an experienced production team. Our factory is in China and has a very rich supporting facility. Our product manager has a unique understanding of fabrics, threads, and zippers, we can provide you with low-price, high-quality services to meet your market needs.

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Varsity Jacket Manufacturer Advantages

All elements can be added to your clothes

Embroidery, patch embroidery, printing, hot-stamping, gradient color. As long as you can think of, we can add it to your varsity jacket and add fashion elements to you

Many design for you to choose

Our varsity jackets have raglan styles, including letterman varsity jackets, quilted varsity jackets, pullover varsity jackets, bomber varsity jackets, nylon varsity jackets, different material varsity jackets and contrast varsity jackets.

Quality assurance

We produce all kinds of jackets all year round. We are very familiar with the craftsmanship of varsity jackets. From plate making, assembly line production to packaging, we check the quality one step by one step. Product quality is the foundation of our company. Our mission is to satisfy our clients with our products.

Supply chain advantage

Varsity jackets will have different decorations every year. We are in China and we have a very strong supply chain. No matter what materials and requirements your accessories are, we can produce them in China, which can save a lot of development costs.

As a varsity jacket manufacturer, what is our advantage?


We can produce the varsity jacket you want according to the photo and size chart. We have experienced pattern-making masters. As long as a clear photo, we can make a pattern. After finishing the version, we will discuss with you the requirements for embroidery, letters, fabrics, and accessories, and find out suitable materials for you. Then our sample clothes maker can start to realize your idea for you.

The most cost-effective manufacturer is our Mladen company. As a brand, price is very important, but blindly low prices will greatly reduce the quality of your products. You need the most cost-effective price. We understand every process and we understand materials and accessories. , We have a professional team to help you complete your varsity jacket

Varsity jackets are often uniforms and require mass production. Mass production is our advantage. Our workers have a beautiful working environment, a good public security environment, low mobility, and many years of production experience, making each worker more skilled and the larger the quantity The higher our production efficiency. Greater capacity.



We provide two services of wholesale varsity jacket


No.1  As a blank varsity jacket wholesaler

We wholesale varsity jackets blank and letter jacket wholesalers. You can choose the jacket type in our varsity jacket category. We would check our inventory and send you our measure table.


No.2  As a customize varsity jackets supplier

How to customize your school jacket’s uniform?

  1. The first is to select the varsity jacket style you want in our varsity jacket category
  2. We check the inventory and send the size chart
  3. Send us the printing vector diagram, we will provide the most suitable printing method according to your quantity and budget
  4. You can also choose embroidery, we will sew the embroidery to the position you specify according to your requirements.


Varsity Jacket Manufacturer FAQ


# What kind of fabric is suitable for a varsity jacket?

We recommend 70/30CVC, 80/20CVC, 32s roman fabric with a weight of about 300G. If you are in a cold place, you can also choose air-layer knitted fabric as the varsity jacket’s fabric.



# What is the minimum order quantity per style for a varsity jacket manufacturer?

Normally, we recommend 800-1000 pieces per style. Considering that the sleeves and front \ back of the baseball jacket are generally fabrics of different colors, our suggestion is to make more than 2 types of jackets of different colors to reduce the loss of fabric

At the same time, we support small order production, we will use small vat dyeing cloth according to your quantity, reduce the quantity of one vat cloth to support small orders. You can also tell us the PANTONE color number, and we will check everything and let you know.



# Gradient colors are very popular recently. Can Varsity jacket be made into gradient colors?

It can be made into gradient colors. The printing method of gradient colors is different from ordinary ones. It needs to be positioned because the cost of gradient varsity jackets is higher than ordinary costs, because the loss of fabrics is more.