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Hoody Jacket

Generally hoodies are using cotton terry cloth, fleece, and Berber fleece. Mladen is a professional sweatshirt and hoodie manufacturer for branded hoodie companies. And we have our own patented technology in the treatment of knit fabric colorfastness. Our cotton knit fabrics’ wet rubbing fastness can reach level The quality of our cotton hoodies is completely comparable to that of the brand. Compare with jackets, Hoodies style is simple. But hoodies color and printing are very important. As a sweatshirt and hoodie supplier, Mladen’s hoodies are hot sale all over the world, because we can provide a high quality of printing and jacquard to improve your quality.

The quality of our cotton hoodies is completely comparable to that of the brand. Compare with jackets, Hoodies style is simple. But hoodies color and printing are very important. As a hoodie supplier, Mladen’s hoodies are hot sale all over the world, because we can provide a high quality of printing and jacquard to improve your quality.

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Advantages of Being a Hoodie Manufacturer

Development of new fabrics

Every year, we develop new products and different varieties of knitted fabrics for customers to choose according to popular trends, and we have our own patent certificate on knitted fabrics, and our wet rubbing fastness can reach level 4.

We will consider more details for you

We have many years of experience in the production of knitted jackets. Before mass production, we will test the washing rate before mass production to ensure that the hoodie jacket produced is in the best condition.

Trendy design and Version pattern

We can produce zipper hoodie, pullover hoodie, 1/4 zipper hoodie, varsity hoodie, cotton hoodie, embroidery hoodie jacket, fleece hoodie, quilted hoodie. Loose style hoodie, hip-hop style hoodie, ladies tight hoodie.

Rich color for choosing!

We have warm colors series suitable for children, cool colors series suitable for men, earth tones series that is womens’ love, and thousands of different colors for your reference. Send an email and ask us for color samples.


Your Trusted Sweatshirt and Hoodie Manufacturer


Mladen is a sweatshirt and hoodie manufacturer in China for more than 10 years. Our sweatshirt is mainly made of cotton. The cotton hoodie is comfortable to wear and can perform large-scale exercises. For sports hoodies, we take moisture-wicking as our main selling point and add quick-drying functions to the face cloth to make consumers fall in love with sports more.

We have different fabrics for customers to choose from, cotton jersey, cotton waffle, cotton terry cloth, cotton terry cloth, cotton thread cloth, etc. You can check your favorite fabrics in our fabric library. At the same time, we will also develop some new cloth samples every year for your reference.

We provide a full range of services. You only need to send us your design and size chart, and we will make a pattern for you, find sample fabric, and make a sample hoodie. OEM Hoodie needs the trust and communication of both parties. We may need to reprint to improve. We use our products to support your brand and hope to grow with your brand.

The sewing is required to be beautiful and neat, and there should be no asymmetry, twisting, leaking, and staggered seams. The stitches are required to be uniform and straight, and the arcs are rounded. If there is a grid pattern, it should be very long and symmetrical. The sewing of all parts should be good, the upper thread and the bottom thread should match the width and tightness, and the traces of sewing machine oil should not be left on the garment.



Your Trusted Hoodie and Sweatshirt Wholesaler and Supplier


Hoodie has been popular all over the world for many years, and sales is growing. In order to help wholesale customers seize the opportunity in sales, Mladen’s warehouse has enough blank hoodies waiting to be taken away at any time. We have men’s hoodies, women’s hoodies, and children’s hoodies. You can browse our website.

When you have a style you like, send an email to us at info@mladengarment. Our staff will check the inventory and size chart for you. We provide DDP and DDU services for our wholesalers. The wholesaler’s minimum order quantity is 100 pieces. At the same time, we provide private label services to increase your brand influence. For the thin single-layer Hoodie, we can also customize the LOGO for you.





The main popular style of hoodies 


1- Pure color; because 19th is the year when the retro trend is popular, pure color hoodies are naturally indispensable. This kind of hoodie often comes with a retro atmosphere, plus a pair of solid-color trousers and retro sneakers can easily control the retro style.

2- Big logo printing style: This kind of hoodie can be said to be very common. Many major clothing brands have this style of clothes themselves and it is versatile. But in fact, we do not recommend you to buy it, because it doesn’t look personality! Why do you say that? The simple reason is that there are too many same logos on the market, especially off-white and supreme street fashion brands.

3- Letter printing  This type of hoodie is also a very good choice. A small range of letter printing can make the solid-color hoodie look not too monotonous, but not too conspicuous.

4- Large area printing pattern  This kind of hoodie can be said to have the best effect of reducing age. A set of good-looking printed patterns can not look too dull in the overall match.

5- Character printing This kind of sweater is full of personality, and it is particularly eye-catching when worn. At the same time, this kind of style is also closest to the self-centered rebellious spirit in hip-hop culture.

Which style of the hoodie is suitable for your brand? Please contact Mladen and let’s talk further.

Hooded jackets FAQ


  • My consumers are more price-sensitive, what should I do if the cotton hoodie is not well accepted?

          It’s okay, we have a blended face cloth for you to choose.



  • Can blank hoodies be printed?

     Single-layer hooide is fine, but double-layer hooide is technically difficult.



  • What should I do if the knitted fabric is loose and curled during sewing?

      Choosing the correct suture must not only meet the technical requirements, but also match the color of the face cloth, and use chain stitching. The sutures are connected in series according to a certain rule and are not easy to fall apart.



  • What is your MOQ?

      We believe that 1,000/design is the most cost-effective. We can accept small single production, but the cost will be much higher.