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Hunting Jacket

Mladen has been working as a trustworthy hunt jacket manufacturer in China for more than 10 years. With our 10 years of experience in the industry, we can guarantee the production of high-quality Chinese hunting jackets.

Aside from manufacturing hunting jackets, we also offer wholesale hunt jackets and custom hunting jackets

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I have an idea about hunting jacket, how can I realize it?

You can choose your hunting suit suitable for your brand from our product library, then go to our fabric library to find suitable fabrics, and then find suitable accessories in our accessories library.

Then contact our product manager. Tell us what you think and your understanding of the local market, our product manager will surprise you!

Tips for hunting jackets

The definition of a hunting jacket is the clothing worn while hunting. This jacket is designed for hunters. In the African jungle or wild, this wild jacket can help you a lot.

This jacket is characterized by its lightness and breathability. With shirt-like lapels, military epaulets and waistband to adjust waist elasticity. The four front pockets of the jacket provide convenience for carrying some urgently needed items whether in war or hunting.

Powerful functional design of hunting jacket:

1-Chest and waist have 4 large pockets, it is easy to place all kinds of needed equipment.

2-The waist has a belt, it can avoid slack and make hunters easy to move back and forth in the jungle. There are dark folds on the back, which is convenient for strong body movement.

3-Shirt type cuff: Button can prevent from bug bites and facilitate neatly rolled up when needed

4-Elbow patch: Prevent jacket worn from crawling and rolling in wild.

5-Color: normally hunting jacket use earth color, it is easy to hide

How to start a hunting jacket with Mladen?

1-Send us your sample or send us your design.

2-Choose cover fabric you want. Fabrics of different materials are suitable for different environments. Let us know your market and potential customer. We will suggest suitable fabric to you.

3-Choose fabric color. Choose the same color system to match your brand style.

4-Confirm waist craft. You can choose a hidden waist belt or outside waist belt.

5-Confirm button type and send us measure table.

6-We will make a sample for you and send to you

7-You check the sample and tell us your mor requirement. If everything is OK with our sample we will arrange bulk produce

8-MOQ : 800-1000 per color per style , we support small order too, you can talk with us for more details

9-Payment term: 30% TT, balance before shipment