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Big And Tall Jacket

Mladen is a big and tall jacket jacket supplier in china, we manufacture big and tall jackets for more than 10 years.

Our designers and pattern-makers are work together to provide a variety of traditional and innovative long-length jackets for your choice!

We do both custom big and tall jackets and wholesale big and tall jackets too. In addition, we use marketing expertise to help promote your brand.


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How to match with big and tall jackets?

1-Big and tall jackets and jeans are common collocation. It is correct to choose the big and tall jackets with glossy fabrics. Wear a woolen hat, looks fashionable and keep warm.

2-Big and tall jackets pair with hoodies. A lot of people think pullover hoodie is very hard to match with, generally speaking, everyone regard pullover hoodie as a coat, actually a long padded- jacket pair with a pullover hoody is a kind of very comfortable dress up, this kind of collocation make you looks young and full of energy.

3-Big and tall jackets match with skirt. The skirt is a must-have item in many women’s wardrobes, long padded coat pair with skirt is a very fashionable way, a skirt that shows a little under the hem of a long padding coat, creating a much stronger sense of depth, more importantly, there is a sweet romantic feeling.

4-Big and tall jackets with small leg pants. These can be jeans or pencil pants. Big and tall jackets with skinny trousers showing a little bit of ankle, you will not only appear alert and engaged but also you will seem taller. And showing your ankles in winter is a very fashionable way to wear them. Long cotton-padded coat pair with small leg trousers have a casual feeling. Long padded coats with leggings.

5-Big and tall jackets pair with over-the-knee boots. A lot of girls like long legs and slim body, Over-the-knee boots match with long style padded jacket can make beautiful women’s legs look longer and thin. in addition, we think it has a feeling of sexy woman. You might as well try these long cotton-padded clothes!

How to solve the fat looking when wear a big and tall jacket?

Today we recommend big and tall jackets, we have an obviously feeling that the choice of a tall and long jacket is less than the short style jacket when in market, most of the design is the same.

There are a lot of fashionable people worry about the fat looking when wear a long cotton-padded clothe. How to solve the problem? Here we have experience to you.

You can add a waist belt in lining, thus, waist belt can be hidden, or you can wear a belt, so that the upper and lower body proportion is perfect.


How to cooperate with big and tall jacket manufacturer?

1-Send your sample to Mladen.

2-Discuss the detail of your big and tall jacket, like craft, fabric requirement, accessories …

3-We will offer quotation to you in 7 days after we receive your sample.

4-Make sample to and sample to you.

5-Check sample and sign purchase order, arrange advanced payment after everything is OK.

6-Arrange production line after received advanced payment .Big and tall jacket bulk produce.

7-Quality control through video and pictures

8-Inspection big and tall jackets and arrange balance payment.


10-After-sales service