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Pullover Jackets

No matter what season, pullovers can be associated with fashion and avant-garde. Gentle knitted fabrics bring warm feelings. Launching a pullover jacket suitable for your own brand can make your brand more versatile, with suitable printing and embroidery elements.

Pullovers have become a single product sought after by major brands. Mladen is a professional pullover manufacturer and has accumulated its own unique advantages in the process of cooperating with the brand. The wet rubbing fastness of our knitted fabrics can reach level 4.

In order to reflect the quality of the brand, we made the knitted fabric higher, so that the pullover can be kept firm even after multiple washings.

The style of pullover is relatively simple. In addition to ordinary pullovers, we also produce 1/4 zipper pullovers, hooded pullovers, round neck pullovers, loose-fit pullovers and other different styles of pullovers.

At the same time, we also have blank pullovers for customers to wholesaler. At the same time, we also support small batch production, please ask our product manager for spot cloth before small batch production.

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How to choose the fabric of the pullover?

There are many fabrics for pullovers, such as terry cloth, polar fleece, air layer, flannel and so on.

What is the general weight of a pullover fabric?

Since pullovers are generally worn when the weather is cool, our recommended weight is more than 200 grams

How do pullover manufacturers produce pullovers?

The production process of pullovers is the same as that of ordinary clothes. Generally, 4-thread sewing is used. The thicker the pullover, the higher the processing cost, because the thicker fabric will damage the sewing needles.

How can I produce a special pullover?

According to our service experience for major brands, the fashion is different every year. In recent years, the cotton jacquard thick terry cloth is more popular, and the version is mainly loose. If we cooperate, then we will provide you with the popular information we know.