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Track Jackets

Track jacket is a short jacket with double flaps and multiple buttons or zippers, which is convenient for work and activities. Truck jacket is mainly used for large-scale sports, so we focus on the comfort and flexibility of wearing when designing.

In the traditional sense, the truck jacket is mostly woven. The woven fabric has low elasticity and can be made into a waterproof truck jacket. It is suitable for wearing in bad weather. It can also be worn in normal casual moments.

His disadvantage is that it is not as good as knitted fabrics in terms of wearing comfort. The knitted fabrics have high elasticity and are suitable for all sports, because we have launched sports jackets of different fabrics to meet the needs of different groups of people.

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Does the truck jacket keep warm?

As long as it is a jacket, it will have the function of keeping warm, but keeping warm is not the main function of a truck jacket. Its main function is sports and leisure, which is suitable for all kinds of sports.

Can I wholesale track jackets?

Track jacket has a wide range of styles, including knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, and sweater track jackets. Different fabrics and thicknesses are suitable for different seasons.

If you need to diversify your brand to satisfy different consumers, then you can wholesale a blank track jacket from Mladen. We can not only wholesale, but also print your logo for you.


How to choose a reliable track jacket manufacturer?

1- You can choose the style you like from our styles, and provide a size chart (the size chart of different countries is different, the customer provides it).

2- You can choose suitable fabrics from our fabric library (if your brand needs fabric jacquard, we can provide fabric customized weaving service).

3- You can choose zippers, buttons, threads, embroidery, etc. from our accessories library (we can also customize various accessories for you according to your requirements).

4- After discussing the details, Mladen will provide a quotation within 7 days.

5- Mladen produces pre-production samples and mails them to customers, and arranges a deposit after the customer confirm.

6- Mladen produces large-scale goods, because we make customized products, we will promptly communicate with customers if there are any problems during production.

7- The customer inspects the goods and pays the balance.

8- Shipment

9- After-sales service