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Mladen is a clothing company integrating design, production, sales and wholesale. We can customize shirts, professional suits, jackets, security uniforms, nurse uniforms, cleaning uniforms, police uniforms, school uniforms, aviation uniforms, T-shirts, chef uniforms, We promote various group clothing such as vests, hotel clothes, factory clothes, engineering clothes, etc. From the perspective of customers, we strive to reduce costs for customers and impress customers with sincerity.

If you urgently need a batch of uniforms, then you can wholesale blank uniforms from our company. We keep stock all the year round. You only need to send an email to tell us the quantity and size you need, and our business manager will check the inventory for you. Because we have more varieties, we cannot keep a large inventory of all uniforms. If we don’t have the color you want, then it doesn’t matter, we reproduce it for you.

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Advantages Of Malden Garment

Reasonable price

We have stable and long-term sewing employees, skilled in operation, rich experience, and standardized assembly line production. We have a good understanding of textile industry and have long-term suppliers and partners. In this way can we ensure that we have a reasonable price.

Design for you

According to your company’s requirements, we can design clothing with your company’s characteristics for you, and provide a variety of styles and different fabrics for you to choose from. Our buttons, zippers and other accessories have undergone rigorous testing, and the matching of various accessories is reasonable.

Delivery in time

We can arrange the production line according to your order quantity, if your quantity is relatively large and the process is complicated. We can arrange a production line with 30 people. If your number is small and the process is simple, then we can reduce our assembly line to about 10 people. In short, we will reasonably arrange production according to the quantity and process of customer orders

Good service

We are in China, our service scope is the whole world, we will have time difference with many countries. But we provide all-day service, no matter where you are, pick up the phone and we will serve you immediately.

Choose an experienced uniform manufacturer to serve you

In recent years, companies have paid more and more attention to the choice of work clothes because it represents the corporate culture and image. When designing, we must pay attention to starting from the matching design, so as to make the employees wearing it feel and comfortable. Our designer will provide you with our experience as a reference. Mladen is a reliable Uniform Manufacturer in China, we can produce all kinds of uniforms.

We provide high-quality workwear fabrics, which determine the texture, overall durability, and comfort of the clothing. Our workwear is mainly cotton, which feels breathable and comfortable when worn on the body. We will inform the composition and related information of the fabric in advance so that you can have a better choice

For customers, the price of clothing is also an important consideration. There are certain differences in the positioning of different manufacturers. Therefore, in order to cooperate with manufacturers with suitable prices, it is recommended that you compare more, so as to have a certain reference. Of course, the price is directly proportional to the quality of the clothing. You can’t just consider the cost and ignore the quality.

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OEM Uniform Manufacturer FAQ


# I like a dress, but I hope to change the color of the neckline.

The color of the clothes in stock cannot be changed. If you change the color, we need to reproduce it for you. The reproduced MOQ is 300PCS per color.



# Does your price include courier fees?

No, as we are in China, oversea freight charge is more expensive than local freight charge, but we offer DDP sea freight and DDP air freight prices.



# How long is your delivery time?

We need to arrange the production cycle according to your quantity and style. It is recommended that you tell me your delivery date, and we will provide the delivery date according to the production schedule on hand.



# What is your entire production process like?

There are many links in the production process. First, make a pattern, then select fabrics, select accessories, and make samples. After the samples are made, they need to be continuously improved. It will take some time for the samples in the early stage. After the samples are confirmed, mass production is carried out. Generally speaking, the bulk production is relatively fast.





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