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Bomber Jacket

Mladen is a professional bomber jackets manufacturer in China, we offer bomber jackets wholesale. Our blank bomber jackets are carefully produced to catch the attention of different consumers. All bomber jackets are made out of high-quality fabric and accessories making them comfortable to be worn on the body. Our wholesale blank bomber jackets are available in clear and neat stores. These jackets are ideal for retail. At Mladen, we have over 10 years of professional experience in producing bomber jackets. We ensure that every process is done to the highest possible standards for our client’s satisfaction.

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Advantages of Being A Bomber Jackets Manufacturer

Variety of styles

There are many styles of our bomber jacket, including men’s bomber jacket, women’s bomber jackets and children’s bomber jackets. And there are thick and thin, single-layer and double-layer, as well as down filling and other different styles of different wearing season.

Material of Bomber Jackets

The traditional bomber jacket is made of cowhide. We have developed the bomber jacket of oil wax surface fabric series. The visual effect is more shocking than traditional cowhide, which perfectly replaces cowhide. We can also use different materials such as satin, nylon, nylon& polyester, cotton, and polyester to make bomb jackets of different styles.

How to sew Bomber Jacket

For the single-layer bomber jacket, the two pieces of cutted piece are stitched together. We use rolling strips to wrap the sides. On the one hand, the body feels comfortable and on the other hand, it is more beautiful. For the bomber jacket with inner bladder, we will lock the edges first and then level the car to ensure a neat and smooth seam.

Competitive price

We have many years of manufacturing experience, and have our own unique insights on how to manufacture bomber jackets. We will discuss with you the most cost-effective sewing method and the most suitable style within your budget.

Mladen offers bomber jackets wholesale at attractive prices. We have prepared enough blank bomber jackets for our wholesalers. These jackets can become your brand’s products.

We provide you with the services of label modification, tagging, and packaging. Become our wholesaler, we will send our latest designs and available stock in time. We ensure that every process is done to the highest possible standards for our client’s satisfaction.

Boost Your Business with Custom Bomber Jackets Manufacturer

1- We have a 3,000,000 square feet factory in china that is fully equipped with a modern sewing machine that allows up to produce high-quality bomber jackets every day.


2- Design, logistics, and inventory solutions, we are not only a manufacturer, but we are also a helper to achieve your ideals, you only need to send us photos and provide your size chart, but we can also make the pattern for you, choose the fabric, and do Sample clothes, we will make a bomber jacket suitable for your market together


3- We provide you with the latest trends at any time. We have countless cooperative suppliers, fabrics, accessories, and even design companies. We will share the latest products in the market for you to ensure that your brand goes In front of fashion, we have our own developed fabrics every year, both knitted and woven fabrics. Become our customers, we will bring you fresh fashion


4- Quality is the foundation of the survival of an enterprise. Our production is checked at every level. Before fabrics are put into storage, we need to carefully check the fabrics for defects and chromatic aberrations. Check the color, size, and style of the fabric and accessories. After the garment is finished, we will inspect the quality of the finished product before packaging.


Bomber jackets manufacturer FAQ


# What is the difference between an oil wax bomber jacket and a leather bomber jacket?

Oil wax is a post-finishing process. It is neither animal fur nor PVC, but it looks like leather. It looks good in texture. Leather is made of animal fur. Although it looks good, we don’t agree with it.



# What is the minimum order quantity for the Bomber jacket?

The customized quantity of each bomber jacket is about 1000 pieces, but it can be in different colors. Because according to our calculations, about 1,000 pieces of clothing are the most cost-effective.



# Can I order less than 1,000 pieces?

Of course, the smaller the order quantity, the higher the unit price. We need about 2-3 days for each piece of clothing to be proficient. If the quantity is too low, our workers have just been familiar with the style and will be offline, and the production efficiency is very low. Therefore, the price/performance ratio is very poor.



# I am starting my business newly and I need a small amount, what should I do?

We respect everyone who has a dream. If your quantity is not large, then you can go to our product library to choose the products you like. We can customize labels and package for you. Our blank jacket is your warehouse.



# I like one of your blank jackets. Can you change the color?

The color of our blank bomber jackets cannot be changed. Changing the color is equivalent to re-production. We have a minimum order quantity requirement.

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