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Mladen is among the top military jacket manufacturers in China. We have been supplying both small and large companies with high quality and quick delivery time military jackets wholesale. We offer bulk military jackets in different shapes and sizes including suits, jungle camouflage, desert camouflage, Marine camouflage.

As an experienced military jackets supplier, we can cater to the special needs of all clients, such as design pattern, Anti-detection, anti-chemical, anti-bacterial, anti-radiation.

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Knowledge of military jackets

A camouflage coat is a camouflage army jacket that uses blocks of color to make the soldier’s body blend into the background color.

Now wearing military jackets is not for army use only, the man on the street can have it. Because of the tough temperament of army jackets, Camouflage is suitable for establishing strong and tough manhood, so men all like it very much. As a fashion trend, Camouflage is worn by successful men. It always attracts a lot of envious eyes

There are several kinds of camouflage:

Jungle camouflage (universal camouflage) – the most common. Green, brown, black, and gray uniforms for army summer training;

Desert camouflage — yellow color, used for army winter training uniforms;

Marine camouflage – blue, black, grass green, and white for the Marine Corps;

Urban camouflage — black, blue, gray, and white for airborne troops;

Desert camouflage – green, brown, black, and other sports, it’s a new design

A camouflage garment made up of irregular patterns of green, yellow, brown, black, etc. The camouflage requires that its reflected light waves be roughly the same as those reflected from the surrounding landscape. It can not only confuse the enemy’s visual detection but also deal with infrared detection, making it difficult for the enemy’s modern detection equipment to catch the target.

The first camouflage color uniforms were used by the British army. In December 1864, British Captain Harry Barnett Ramsteen organized a British Army Scout, in making uniforms for soldiers, Ramstein noticed the local yellow soil exposed in wild, large characteristics of the wind and sand, to facilitate camouflage reconnaissance, they made a decision to use khakis uniform.

In later combat operations, the uniform played a better camouflage effect. The war made European countries realize the importance of camouflage on the modern battlefield, and they changed the bright colors of military uniforms to green or yellow to achieve the purpose of concealment. In 1943, Germany equipped some of its soldiers with three-color camouflage uniforms, which were covered with irregular patches of three colors. On one hand, these patches distorted the contour of the human body.

On the other hand, the color of some patches is approximately the same as the background color, and the color of some patches is different from the background color, which separates the human shape from the visual effect, to achieve the effect of camouflage deformation. The German camouflage uniform received a very good effect in the actual combat, and later the armies of various countries have copied, and they studied and proved the color of camouflage and shape of patches.

How to start an army jacket order with us?

1- Send us your sample and let us know the feature of your fabric, as we all know, military jackets requires strict requirement on fabric, so , it’s better to let us know the specification of your military fabric

2- If you are an outdoor training company, you can let us know the type you like, and we will suggest suitable camouflage to you.

3- Confirm the type of camouflage and feature 

4- Confirm accessories feature

5- Make a sample of fabric and accessories. We will send it to SGS or Intertek to test before make a jacket sample

6- Make army jackets sample

7- MOQ : 800-1000 pcs / per pattern design. 

8- Package: according to your requirement