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Ski Jackets

In recent years, ski jackets are very popular in china. The demand for ski wear is increasing every year.

As a professional woven jacket manufacturer, Mladen produces snowboard jackets too.

Ski jacket fabrics generally choose the wear-resistant, windproof, coated surface of nylon or tear-resistant cloth material is better.

Mladen knows the skiers’ needs for skiing, so we can make the most suitable snowboard jackets for skiing.

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More information about ski jackets:

There are two forms of ski-wear: split ski-wear and jumpsuit.

1- Split ski jacket is convenient, but the choice of trousers must be high-waist type, and it is best to have a belt and soft waist belt.
The upper jacket must be loose, and the middle waist should be selected and there should be a belt to prevent the snow from entering the ski jacket from the waist after sliding down.

The arms should not be stretched too tight after the arm is straight up, longer sleeves are better, because the upper arms are in the process of skiing in a full range of movement, especially for beginners.

2- The structure of the jumpsuit is simple, comfortable to wear and the effect of preventing snow is better than split ski jackets, but it is more trouble to wear.

According to the author’s experience, wearing a body jumpsuit is more convenient than a split ski jacket.

Normally the top flight of the ski jacket is a large size zipper, which can be easily operated when wearing gloves.

And it’s better to have several convenient zipper pockets on the front. so that some commonly used skiing tools can easy to store. because of the often need to use hands to hold ski poles, ski gloves size should be large, glove wrist should belong.

Elastic sealing to cover the cuffs, thus, can effectively prevent access to snow.

Ski cap is best to choose the sleeve type, it only shows the front half of the face, can prevent cold wind damage to the face, especially important for women.

In a word, a comfortable, beautiful ski jacket coupled with your natural and graceful gliding posture, will bring you good enjoyment.

How to order with ski jackets manufacturer?

1. Determine the style

Many people always like to put the style of clothes first in the process of customizing ski jackets. Indeed, fashionable ski jackets wear well, but after all, skiing is difficult to display during skiing without considering other factors.

For example, if the jacket is too tight, it will affect the sliding action, and it will be difficult to stand up once you fall.

In the process of OEM, you must pay attention to the other properties of the clothing when pursuing styles, otherwise, your body will be hurt to a certain extent, and the importance of the ski suit will be lost.

In this process, the user and the manufacturer also need to coordinate many times, or to adjust the pattern of the ski jackets, or according to the needs of the user, the designer will draw and pattern the style of the ski suit.

2. Ski fabric selection

Many ski suits sold on the market take into account the factors of wind resistance and wear resistance. The ski suit OEM/OEM process also needs to be considered. Ski fabric must be made of wear-resistant materials.

Many novices will not avoid wrestling during skiing, So the choice of grinding materials can prevent the wear of ski jackets. After all, the price of a snowboard jacket is not cheap, and long-term constant replacement is also inappropriate.

3. Confirm the order

If the style and ski fabrics and accessories have been confirmed, then the order can be confirmed, and we will sign a contract with you to determine the product style, fabrics, and accessories used by Mladen and the quality and grams of the down-filled inside.

Specific issues are bound by the contract.

4. We need to confirm the pre-produce sample with clients before production. Our bulk products will be produced according to this sample.

5. Start producing on the order.

We start order according to the contract, and our responsibility is to provide clients with the agreed quantity of snowboard jackets within the time specified in the contract.

6. Product inspection and packaging

Every piece of ski jacket we produce will have an inspection procedure before packaging to ensure that the ski jackets received by our customers have no problems. We also accept third-party inspections. After the inspection is over, our client needs to pay the balance.

If you can find a ski wear manufacturer that provides quality products, users can establish long-term cooperation with the manufacturer. After good cooperation, communication will be smoother again.