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Down Jackets

Down jacket manufacturer in China we are and we also produce imitation down jackets. Our down jackets are designed in novel styles and the down do not run out from the fabric. We provide different fabrics for you to choose from. You can match different styles of fabrics and styles to create your own style. We produce men’s, women’s, and children’s down jackets for you, and you can choose the size that best suits your needs. More importantly, our down jackets can customize LOGO and labels for you. Our LOGO can be embroidered or printed. Our customers are full of confidence in our down jackets, because it uses high-quality down and suitable non-running face fabrics. If you need to produce your own down jacket, please feel free to contact us, we can help you customize the down jacket

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Custom Down Jacket Manufacturer Advantage

Down Jacket Design

Our product library has thousands of jackets for your reference. Maybe our designs are not what you want, but we hope that our jacket styles can bring you design inspiration. And saw it become the object of imitation

Down Jacket Fabric

Lightweight down jackets are mostly made of 380T nylon. This material has a high density and is light and thin. It can also be used for various post-treatments on the base fabric, such as oil pressure, wrinkle, pearlescent, etc. Of course, you can also use pongee and blended fabrics to make different styles. With the changes in the market in recent years, we have also launched new trendy down jackets such as gradient light on the market.

Down Jacket Filling

You can also choose filling according to your own budget, we can provide white goose down, white duck down, black duck down, artificial silk cotton and other different types of fillers. Of course we can also make quilted liners for you. No matter what type of filling you use, we can guarantee that there will be no down runaway.

Down Jacket Size Chart

We can produce short, medium-length and long down jackets for you. As long as you send us the size chart, we can produce it with a suitable machine for you.

Down Jacket Manufacturer and Suppliers in China

1- Our factory has down filling machines, no matter ducks down,  goose down, pearl cotton or hand-stuffed cotton, we can fill it in

2- We guarantee that no down run out, we will recommend suitable face fabric, lining fabric, and gall fabric for you according to your style. All down jackets we produce will not run down.

3- Strict pattern-making, some styles of down jackets are filled with down after quilting, and the size of the down-filled face fabric will be reduced due to the down stuffing, which will cause the lining to be too large. It needs to be calculated in the preliminary proof Fill down and re-adjust the pattern. We will strictly require sample makers and pattern designers to ensure that the clothes that customers get are suitable.

4- Strictly select the down with high down content to bring you not only warmth but also light body feeling.



Customer-based Down Jacket Wholesaler 

1- We are personally involved in every production process of down jackets, so we can add your LOGO to any part you need. We can also custom your own webbing for your brand, custom colors, custom tag service.

2- You can also wholesale down jackets from us, our MOQ is 100 pieces. After browsing our webpage, send an email to tell us the style you like, we will check the stock for you, and quote according to your quantity.

# How to solve the phenomenon of running down of down jackets?

When we recommend fabrics, we will discuss with you according to your style and fabric style, whether you need to add a layer of gall fabric or two layers of gall fabric.

We also recommend proper post-treatment on the face cloth, such as PU coated, oil pressure, other processes. We guarantee that our down jackets will not run down.


# Is it possible to make down jackets mixed with down and silk-like cotton?

We do not make down jackets that are mixed with down and silk-like cotton. We only make down jackets that are completely down or completely silk-like.

We have produced down and silk-like down jackets for our customers, but the effect is not satisfactory. So there is no need to pay for behaviors that have been proven wrong.


# There are two down jackets with different thicknesses, one jacket looks very thick, but the weight in the hand is light. Another one on the contrary. What does it mean?

The one looks thick, but with lightweight filled higher quality down. Down power is better.


# Can we fill both artificial cotton and down to save costs?

According to our experience, if we fill both, down will get out of the cover shell. So we would suggest filling pure down or pure artificial cotton.


# Can we fold down jackets?

Yes, we can


# What is the MOQ of a down jacket?

MOQ is 800 – 1000 jackets per style. Can be 2 or 3 colors per style. We produce jackets in large batches and small batches, contact us for more information.


# How to choose fabric for the down jacket?

Normally, Lightweight down jackets use 380T nylon as the main fabric and lining. Less than 380T, down may get out from the fabric. Also, you can choose other coated chemical fabric or 2 layer fabric to ensure quality.