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Soft Shell Jackets

Mladen specializes in the production of soft shell jackets and has its unique understanding of functional fabrics. We are a soft jacket manufacturer in china, we carefully select functional accessories suppliers to make our soft shell jackets more competitive in the market.

At the same time, to meet the needs of ladies who love beauty, In addition to windproof, waterproof, breathable, comfortable, and other functional characteristics of the soft shell jacket.

We have a detailed design of slim cut, naturally curved shaped sleeves, and cuff Velcro on women’s soft-sell jackets. We provide OEM/OEM/wholesale soft shell jackets service to you. Any doubt, please feel free to contact us. 

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Difference between soft shell jackets and ordinary jackets

Soft shell jacket’s main fabric is waterproof, breathable, and functional clothing with warmth. Therefore, there are many differences in design. You need to pay attention to the following details when purchasing:

1. Every soft shell jacket must be completely waterproof. The hot-pressed adhesive tape must be used at all seems to prevent water leakage at the needle hole. Carefully check whether the adhesive tape inside the clothes is flat and if there is blistering. This is very important for the waterproof performance of clothing

2. The fly zipper of the soft shell jacket and trousers adopts a waterproof zipper, or the fly is used to prevent rainwater from infiltrating. If it is an ordinary zipper with a placket cloth, pay attention to whether there is a folded edge at the placket cloth. This design allows rainwater to flow down the folded edge without penetrating the zipper.

3. Is the way of tightening the cuffs of the soft shell jacket appropriate?
Whether there is a windproof skirt on the hem or waist of the soft shell jacket, if there is no windproof skirt, whether there is a drawstring to tighten the clothes

Difference between a soft shell jacket and a hard shell jacket

Soft shell jackets are generally used as a comprehensive outdoor shell, which has the functions of warmth, windproof, and weak precipitation, but they can’t stand the rain for a long time.

The hard shell can be waterproof in all directions, and the windshield ability is also very good, but the hard shell glue has a limited life, and it is difficult to maintain.

The hard shell is only a single layer of skin, so if you want to keep warm, you need an inner sleeve. Fleece or something. Moreover, the air permeability of hard shells is generally far inferior to that of soft shells.

The soft shell neutralizes the windproof of the hard shell and the warmth of the fleece

How to cooperate with a soft shell jacket manufacturer?

1- Send your sample or design to us

2- We will search main fabric and accessories and express them to you

3- Make a shell jacket sample after you confirm fabric and accessories

4- Sign purchase order after discussing all details about soft shell specification

5- Arrange 30% payment.

6- Start to produce bulk soft shell jacket

7- Tracking produce process through pics and videos

8- Check mass soft shell jacket and arrange balance payment

9- Package and delivery to you