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Baseball Jackets

Mladen garment is a baseball jacket supplier in china, we wholesale blank baseball jackets, and we can customize baseball warm-up jackets for your team.

If you have a large number of customized baseball jackets, we can purchase fabric and accessories according to your requirement and produce for you. 

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How to start a baseball jacket order?

1- Baseball jacket fabric selection:

Good-material baseball uniforms are not only worn for a longer period but also relatively good-quality and comfortable fabrics. Polyester, cotton, and TC can be selected according to your requirements

2- Baseball jackets style selection:

a.Zippered baseball uniform
Commonly used to make custom baseball uniform zipper classification: plastic fat, nylon, and metal

b.Button baseball uniform
Button classifications commonly used to customize work clothes are organic buckles, resin buckles, plastic buckles, and metal buckles. The most commonly used baseball uniform buttons are mostly metal buckles and resin! Plastic buckle work clothes are easy to damage!

3- Choice of thread:

1*1 fine thread, 2*2 thick thread, jacquard thread or solid color thread, thread material is cotton + spandex, polyester + spandex. Specific ingredients can be customized according to requirements

4- Baseball jacket color selection:

Since most baseball uniforms are composed of two colors, the thread color and the color of the clothing cannot conflict with each other. For example, baseball uniforms composed of two bright colors are not suitable for normal wear. The combination of cool and warm colors is unique

5- Mladen provide baseball jacket quotation:

After you determine the fabric accessories of the baseball uniform, we need your measure table to calculate our materials, and then we will provide an accurate quotation for you.

6- Fabric and accessories confirmation

We will send pre-production samples of fabrics and accessories to you for confirmation according to your requirements

7- Baseball jacket samples:

After the samples of fabrics and accessories are confirmed, we will make a tech sheet for you and produce pre-production samples for you.

8- payment term:

30% advanced payment and balance before shipment.
After receiving the deposit, we will arrange mass production and accept third-party inspection before shipment.

More Information about baseball jackets:

Considering that the styles of baseball uniforms are relatively single, most customers’ needs are to add their LOGO on the blank baseball uniforms.

Here we talk about the two commonly used methods of printing

1- Screen printing:

Screen printing is the best craft choice among bulk custom baseball uniforms, as it’s the most cost-effective. Screen printing can be used to print a relatively cheap and affordable price of high-quality printing effect, if the quantity of customized baseball jacket is large, then this process will be cheaper.

2- Embroidered

Embroidery is not a cheap way to print a T-shirt, but it is also popular for its unique texture, especially in baseball. Not only custom baseball clothes, including some fashion or big brand baseball clothes on the market, are fond of the use of embroidery technology, but baseball clothes can also collision a unique sense of texture and fashion.

Mladen has a good relationship with our suppliers, if you have a large quantity need to add a logo, screen printing fee, and embroidered fee can reduce a lot.