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Safety Jackets

Mladen Garment is a safety jacket supplier and manufacturer based in China. The production of safety jackets is one of the pillars of our business. We have a large selection of safety jackets for different situations. You are guaranteed to find the garment that you are looking for. If you need to fulfil a special requirement for your safety jacket, please reach out to us. Our professional textile managers will guide you through fireproof, flame-retardant, anti-static, and other options.

If you have special requirements for safety jackets, such as fireproof, flame-retardant, anti-static, etc., then please contact our professionals to help you.

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Working With a Custom Safety Jackets Manufacturer

Safety Jacket Versatility

Safety jackets with reflective elements are widely used in different industries and situations. Some fields that may benefit from safety jackets are construction, firefighting, sanitation, and logistics. Workers that spend a lot of time outside can benefit from the reflective nature of the jackets. The same goes for people who find themselves outside at night.

Safety Jacket Design

We have a large number of designs to choose from. You can customize the jacket of your choosing to your liking and execute your own design. Add your logo, embroidery, zippers, and any other design elements you can think of.

Safety Jacket Material

The material used in the production of safety jackets is Oxford cloth. Oxford cloth is very lightweight, making it super convenient for round the clock wear. Depending on the amount of padding used in the jacket, it can be worn in the warmer and colder months of the year. Most of our jackets are rain proof too.

Safety Jacket Size Chart

We can produce safety jackets in accordance with your size chart. Choose to increase or decrease the jackets’ length or width.

Custom Safety Jackets

We work with clients in all industries to produce high-quality safety jackets. The best part about working with a wholesaler on the production of safety jackets is that you get to participate in the decision making. You can look at our designs and choose to order a ready product without any adjustments. Alternatively, you can draw inspiration from our catalogue and add your own design elements to any jacket of your choosing.

Add your logo or brand name to your safety jackets. Change the color of the garment to represent your brand better and appeal to your target audience. Add or remove reflective bands to suit one purpose or another. Add padding to make it warmer or remove padding to make the garment suitable for summer.

In addition to that, you can speak to our professionals to customize your jacket further. For instance, you can make it fireproof or anti-static if needed. This way you can appeal to a wider audience. Some industries that require reflective safety jackets include firefighting, construction, sanitation, and logistics. Workers that need to be outside during the hours of the night will appreciate the added protection that comes with a safety jacket.

Safety Jackets Wholesale

Choosing the right safety jacket wholesaler can be a challenge. There are so many things to pay attention to. At the end of the day, someone’s life can be saved because they wore a high-quality safety jacket at the right time.

For starters, it’s important to pay attention to the materials used. The material often used in the manufacturing of safety jackets is waterproof Oxford cloth. Oxford cloth consists of cotton with some elastane and/or polyester. The fabric is very lightweight, which makes it suitable for wear all day long. The wearer won’t get tired, as the jacket feels very light on the body.

Most safety jackets are waterproof. This added benefit will protect the wearer in case of rain or snow. Safety jackets are also resistant to direct sunlight.

One of the most important elements of a safety jacket is the reflective strip. Reflective clothing can be extremely helpful in places with low visibility. The strips are positioned in a way that makes them more noticeable, thus providing additional protection to the wearer. The size of the strips is designed for high noticeability.

Reflective safety jackets applicable to industries

Logistics companies: The logistics industry often works at night, and safety jackets greatly protect the safety of the staff

Sanitation companies: When workers work in the early morning, the driver on the opposite side cannot see our sanitation personnel. With safety jackets, accidents have been reduced a lot.

Fire Fighting: Nowadays, the streets are crowded and traffic accidents happen frequently. With high-quality safety clothing, road workers have almost zero traffic accidents.

Construction companies: The reflective materials and some safety reflective products used on the construction site greatly improve and protect the life safety of employees

How to choose the right safety jackets manufacturer

Choose manufacturers with guaranteed clothing materials

From raw materials to spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, and coating, it can replace imported fabrics with the same performance. It has relevant fabric standard certifications and selects mesh fabrics to improve the wear resistance and breathability of our products and make our products last longer. Durable, light, and breathable.

Choose clothing with a good reflective effect

Our reflective clothing is professionally designed by designers, taking into account the overall beauty and function. The size and position of the designed reflective strip make the reflective effect more eye-catching.

The reflective strips are waterproof and durable to better protect your safety.

Choose a partner with a cost-effective product and a long life

From the beginning of the button to the finished garment, it is smooth, durable and practical, and has a longer service life than equivalent products. Our products can be used continuously for two to three years, and the quality remains new, time-saving, worry-free, and cost-effective.