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Safety Jackets

Mladen safety jacket wholesale is one of our core businesses. We are a safety jacket supplier and manufacturer. We have selected a variety of hot-selling safety jackets for you to choose from.

If you have special requirements for safety jackets, such as fireproof, flame-retardant, anti-static, etc., then please contact our professionals to help you.

We escort the safety of your employees
We are responsible for our safety jackets’ quality!

Reflective safety jackets applicable to industries

Logistics companies: The logistics industry often works at night, and safety jackets greatly protect the safety of the staff

Sanitation companies: When workers work in the early morning, the driver on the opposite side cannot see our sanitation personnel. With safety jackets, accidents have been reduced a lot.

Fire Fighting: Nowadays, the streets are crowded and traffic accidents happen frequently. With high-quality safety clothing, road workers have almost zero traffic accidents.

Construction companies: The reflective materials and some safety reflective products used on the construction site greatly improve and protect the life safety of employees

How to choose the right safety jackets manufacturer

Choose manufacturers with guaranteed clothing materials

From raw materials to spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, and coating, it can replace imported fabrics with the same performance. It has relevant fabric standard certifications and selects mesh fabrics to improve the wear resistance and breathability of our products and make our products last longer. Durable, light, and breathable.

Choose clothing with a good reflective effect

Our reflective clothing is professionally designed by designers, taking into account the overall beauty and function. The size and position of the designed reflective strip make the reflective effect more eye-catching.

The reflective strips are waterproof and durable to better protect your safety.

Choose a partner with a cost-effective product and a long life

From the beginning of the button to the finished garment, it is smooth, durable and practical, and has a longer service life than equivalent products. Our products can be used continuously for two to three years, and the quality remains new, time-saving, worry-free, and cost-effective.