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Parka Jackets

We are a parka jackets manufacturer in China according to our client’s specifications and strive to deliver before schedule. The original Parka jacket lining is mainly made of animal fur, but we will recommend customers to replace animal fur with high-grade artificial fur, down, or silk cotton. Any living species on the earth should be respected by us.We have strict process requirements for each piece of Parka jackets we produce, and the materials for each piece are carefully selected, and the pattern design is with the trend of the times.

At the same time, we also provide parka jackets wholesale business to meet the needs of different clients.

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Working With A Custom Parka Jackets Manufacturer

Custom Parka Jacket

Whether you need male or female parka jackets, we can customize your order to your specifications. Simply send us your design pattern, and our team will tailor the jackets to meet your needs.

Parka Jacket Design

We have a huge collection of ready-to-wear furry and nonfurry parka jacket designs in store. Whether you’re a fashion brand, eCommerce retailer, or medium-sized clothing enterprise, our quality parka jacket designs will surely become one of your top-selling products.

Quality and Integrity

No matter how small or large your order is, we’ll never compromise the quality of any piece. That is why we’re trusted by businesses worldwide as we strive to maintain the integrity of our brand by ensuring you get exactly what we agree.

Rapid Customer Response

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re always there for you whenever you need us. You can reach us anytime if you have questions about your order or want to know more about our production process.

Trendsetting Parka Jackets  

Custom Parka Jacket Collection

Mladen Garments is your one-stop shop for manufacturing and procuring bulk wholesale parka jackets in China. Having been in the cloth manufacturing industry for years, we understand your requirements and are happy to tailor our approach to meet your needs. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority, and we go above and beyond to ensure quality.

Our professional design team pays great attention to detail, ensuring the client’s parka jacket specifications are met. We offer solutions for parka jacket design, fabric procurement, ready-to-wear garment sewing, packaging, and supply. As a top-rated clothing manufacturer in China, we ensure quality process management, standard manufacturing facilities, and strict inspection of the finished jackets to ensure client satisfaction.

We’re setting the trends in parka jacket production and supply. Our commitment to providing a worry-free and efficient customization service is evident in our work approach. Mladen Garment’s production capabilities include prototyping, sewing, printing, embroidery, and ironing the finished clothing. We are happy to help you remain competitive in the market with the best quality parka jackets supplied at affordable wholesale prices.

Wholesale Parka Jackets

Top quality jackets manufactured in style

To help you seize business opportunities, we pride ourselves on delivering well packaged all-new jackets customized to your specifications. We are simply the best among parka jacket manufacturers in China. Our production team understands the importance of quality and fast delivery; that’s why we strive to ensure you have a delightful experience.

The Mladen Garments team plans and develops various jacket production models to ensure accuracy in size and other intricate requirements. We take quality management very seriously and work with our clients to ensure the entire process goes according to plan. We also provide parka jacket quality inspection services at every production stage, from prototyping and sewing to packaging and delivery. We serve diverse businesses in the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia, and other parts of the world. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our clothing manufacturing service and how we can customize your parka jacket design.

What does a parka jacket manufacturer do after the order confirmed?      

1. Pattern Design After the sample of the costume design is confirmed for the customer, the next step is to draw patterns of different sizes according to customer requirements.

2. The drawing that enlarges or reduces the standard pattern is called “pattern grading”, also called “push file”. At present, large-scale clothing companies mostly use computers to complete pattern grading work. Based on paper patterns of different sizes, paper patterns for production are also made, and a layout drawing is drawn.

3. Production preparation There are many preparations before production, such as necessary inspection and testing of fabrics, accessories, sewing threads, and other materials required for production; pre-shrinking and finishing of materials; sewing and processing of samples.

4. Cutting process, generally speaking, cutting is the first process of garment production. The content is to cut fabrics, linings, and other materials into garment pieces according to the layout and marking requirements. It also includes layout, spreading, and counting defects in grey fabrics. The work of borrowing cutting, set cutting, inspection, numbering, binding, and so on.

5. Sewing technology Sewing is a more technical and important process in the garment manufacturing process. According to the requirements of different styles, through reasonable stitching, each piece of clothing is combined into a process of clothing. Therefore, how to organize the sewing process reasonably, and the selection of stitches, stitch types, tools, and machinery and equipment are all very important.

6. Ironing process after the garment is made, after ironing, it will achieve the ideal appearance and make it beautiful. Ironing can generally be divided into two types: ironing in production (medium ironing) and garment ironing (large ironing).

7. Parka jackets quality control is a very necessary measure to ensure product quality throughout the processing process. It is to formulate the necessary quality inspection standards based on the quality problems arising from the product during the processing process.

8. Post-processing, including packaging, storage, and transportation, is the last process in the entire production process. The operator arranges and folds each ironed garment according to the packaging process requirements, puts it in a plastic bag, and then distributes and packs it according to the quantity on the packing list.

If your quantity is not less than our custom parka jacket MOQ, no problem, you can choose the type you like on our website, we have a Parka jacket in-store and a wholesale parka jacket is acceptable.  
More questions, please contact us for help.                                                           

How to start a Parka jackets order with Mladen?

1- Send a sample to us.

2- We will search for fabric samples and trim samples for you.

3- After you confirm the fabric sample and trim sample, we will make a Parka jacket sample for you.

4- Arrange bulk produce after your agreement.

5- MOQ: 800 – 1000 PCS per color

6- Payment term: 30% advanced payment and balance before shipment