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Parka Jackets

Mladen has produced Parka jackets for many years. The original Parka jacket lining is mainly made of animal fur, but we will recommend customers to replace animal fur with high-grade artificial fur, down, or silk cotton. Any living species on the earth should be respected by us.

We have strict process requirements for each piece of Parka jackets we produce, and the materials for each piece are carefully selected, and the pattern design is with the trend of the times.

At the same time, we also provide parka jackets wholesale business to meet the needs of different clients.

Animals and humans grow together on the earth.
We propose to use high-grade artificial wool, down and silk as the inner filling of parka jackets.

What does a parka jacket manufacturer do after the order confirmed?      

1. Pattern Design After the sample of the costume design is confirmed for the customer, the next step is to draw patterns of different sizes according to customer requirements.

2. The drawing that enlarges or reduces the standard pattern is called “pattern grading”, also called “push file”. At present, large-scale clothing companies mostly use computers to complete pattern grading work. Based on paper patterns of different sizes, paper patterns for production are also made, and a layout drawing is drawn.

3. Production preparation There are many preparations before production, such as necessary inspection and testing of fabrics, accessories, sewing threads, and other materials required for production; pre-shrinking and finishing of materials; sewing and processing of samples.

4. Cutting process, generally speaking, cutting is the first process of garment production. The content is to cut fabrics, linings, and other materials into garment pieces according to the layout and marking requirements. It also includes layout, spreading, and counting defects in grey fabrics. The work of borrowing cutting, set cutting, inspection, numbering, binding, and so on.

5. Sewing technology Sewing is a more technical and important process in the garment manufacturing process. According to the requirements of different styles, through reasonable stitching, each piece of clothing is combined into a process of clothing. Therefore, how to organize the sewing process reasonably, and the selection of stitches, stitch types, tools, and machinery and equipment are all very important.

6. Ironing process after the garment is made, after ironing, it will achieve the ideal appearance and make it beautiful. Ironing can generally be divided into two types: ironing in production (medium ironing) and garment ironing (large ironing).

7. Parka jackets quality control is a very necessary measure to ensure product quality throughout the processing process. It is to formulate the necessary quality inspection standards based on the quality problems arising from the product during the processing process.

8. Post-processing, including packaging, storage, and transportation, is the last process in the entire production process. The operator arranges and folds each ironed garment according to the packaging process requirements, puts it in a plastic bag, and then distributes and packs it according to the quantity on the packing list.

If your quantity is not less than our custom parka jacket MOQ, no problem, you can choose the type you like on our website, we have a Parka jacket in-store and a wholesale parka jacket is acceptable.  
More questions, please contact us for help.                                                                 

Knowledge about parka jackets

How to match the Parka?
The Parka itself is warm, so we can match it with a T-shirt, and with a light wool sweater. Women can also match it with a chiffon dress + tall boots。

How to clean the Parka jackets?

1.Try not to wash too much.

2.When cleaning, take down the wool and remove the liner.

3.If you stick dirty things on the parker, you can spray clean water on the dirty place, and then gently scrub the dirty things, and then hang them in the ventilated place to dry naturally.

4.When it is particularly dirty, you can consider cleaning the whole clothes. Prepare 30-40 degrees warm water, add a small amount of neutral washing liquid, and soak for about 30 minutes.

5.After washing, rinse with clean water, repeated several times, pay attention not to twist,
Pay attention to tidy up when drying, so that no hardening and deformation.

How to start a Parka jackets order with Mladen?

1- Send a sample to us.

2- We will search for fabric samples and trim samples for you.

3- After you confirm the fabric sample and trim sample, we will make a Parka jacket sample for you.

4- Arrange bulk produce after your agreement.

5- MOQ: 800 – 1000 PCS per color

6- Payment term: 30% advanced payment and balance before shipment