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Shiny Jacket

Ordinary woven jackets can be made into cool DJ-style shiny jackets. Reflective strips can also be ironed on ordinary materials, which not only does not affect the appearance, but also brings safety in the dark environment.

Some people will doubt the effect of reflective strips on knitted fabrics. According to our experience, reflective strips can fit well on high-density knitted fabrics. Mladen can produce not only woven shiny jackets but also knitted shiny jackets.

If you need a shiny jacket urgently, then, Mladen can become your wholesaler and print your brand on the blank shiny jacket.

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How can I work with a shiny jacket producer?

1- Send samples

2- After we receive the sample, we need to express the fabric and accessories of the sample to the relevant supplier, and get the latest price according to the latest market conditions.

3- For a shiny jackets with few accessories, we will provide a quotation within 3 days. For shiny jackets with many accessories, we need 7 days to quote you the exact price.

4- Send the quotation to you and discuss the details.

5- The customer pays the sample fee, our factory provides a shiny jacket sample, and express it to you.

6- After confirming the sample, sign the contract and pay deposit.

7- Arrange mass production, and send production pictures and videos to customers.

8- After the order is produced, accept the buyer’s inspection.

9- The buyer pays for the goods and Mladen delivers the goods according to the customer’s requirements

10- After-sales service

What is shiny fabric?

Shiny silk fabrics have become popular in Russia and the domestic market in recent years. There are many ways to do it.

One is to use ordinary fabrics with high temperature and high pressure to brighten the surface of the fabric, and the other is to apply a very bright fabric on ordinary fabrics. Glue, the third is to fundamentally solve the problem of woven with bright silk, large bright silk, triangular shaped silk and other bright silk.

In recent years, there are a lot of bright fabrics in shopping malls. This kind of fabric looks reflective and feels slippery, a bit like silk with reflective fabric.