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From fabric sourcing and size grading to sample making and scaled denim jacket production, Mladen remains the most capable clothing company you can trust to deliver. Our denim jackets feature the best customizable designs and styles that meet your target wholesale price points. We can produce as many denim jackets as you need using accurate size charts. No matter your pattern or style requirement, you can rely on Mladen Garments to deliver.

Each of Mladen’s denim jackets has been finely treated by our staff. Before making a model for each denim jacket, we have to washing shrinkage, ironing shrinkage and over-bonding machine shrinkage, and calculate the shrinkage rate after measurement.

To ensure that the size of each denim jacket delivered to the customer can meet the customer’s requirements.

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Working With A Custom Denim Jackets Manufacturer

Professionally Crafted Designs

Our fashionable denim jacket designs are handcrafted by the best jacket designers in China. You can also send us your preferred design, and we’ll produce them accordingly to give you the top-selling products you desire.

100% Customizable

We offer a completely bespoke service allowing you to customize your order to your desired pattern, style, and color. We also provide printing and embroidery services to add your logo and brand details to your denim jackets.

Quality Fabrics

We supply denim jackets made from top-quality fabrics that are fashionable and durable. Buyers expect the best quality jackets, and we’re here to help you provide them in your store. We never compromise with the agreed fabric quality throughout the production process.

Large Collection with Bespoke Sizing

Mladen Garment jacket design collection includes the best denim jackets for men and women of all sizes. Whether you need vintage jackets, tie-dye jackets, or plus-size jackets, we can produce as many as you need.

Denim jacket has a distinctive feature that is different from other jackets. Denim fabric is full of dyed warp yarns and undyed weft yarns. This is also an important reason that determines that denim fabrics can produce many different effects after washing and other finishing.

Customizable Denim Jacket Collection

Stylishly designed custom denim jackets made in China

At Mladen Garments, manufacturing quality feature-rich denim jackets is what we are known for. Taking our customer’s specifications into consideration, we pattern the denim jacket design according to your size and style requirements. You’ll quickly notice our attention to detail put into all our designs which are hand-cut and sewed by experts.

We can also provide samples for you to test the functionality and fitting of the denim jackets before mass production. With a minimum order quantity as low as 100 pieces, you can start manufacturing your quality denim jackets for sale. Our supply network ensures fast delivery of orders after they leave the production line. We closely monitor the entire operation to ensure quality and error-free production.

If you need a clothing manufacturer and supplier in China that strictly complies with product agreements and wholesale prices, then look no further than Mladen Garments. No matter where your fashion brand is located, we have affordable shipping choices to get your package across to you by air, sea, and also express. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our clothing manufacturing service and how we can customize your denim jacket design.

Wholesale Denim Jackets In China

Best denim jacket prices in the market

Mladen Garment is renowned for its expert denim jacket production team, quality operational approach, and excellent customer service. We have a large collection of denim jacket designs you can choose from, or you could send us your design pattern for us to customize your jackets. If you’re looking for a Chinese wholesale clothing manufacturer that prioritizes quality and bespoke service delivery, then you’re in the right place.\

With our large jacket production capacity, we’re able to supply denim jackets in time before the agreed deadline. Mladen Garments team is ready to help you bring your envisioned jacket styles to life with quality fabrics that best suit your needs. Furthermore, we can also customize your designs with brand logos and other details that help you stand out in the market. Still, wondering why you should choose us?

  • We not only tailor our services but go above and beyond to ensure you’re 100% satisfied.
  • We strictly follow your specification regarding fabric type, design pattern, and color specifications, among other requirements.
  • We also have the best denim jacket wholesale pricesyou can trust.
  • Our years of experience mean we’ve acquired a strong supply network that ensures your package gets to you in time.
  • Every jacket in your bulk order will be exactly the same quality as the sample you were sent.


Every year we produce hundreds of designs with thousands of pieces in bulk orders and each time our customers have remained satisfied with our service. You can trust us to provide a worry-free service that meets your denim jacket production and supply needs.

As an experienced denim jacket manufacturer, Mladen’s advice to clients

Generally, consumers are not clear about the version of denim jacket and the quality of ashing. They usually focus on style and price. Many classic brand denim jackets are simple or even outdated, but because of the inherent quality of the version, fabric and processing, the noble temperament can be reflected after wearing these clothes.

We recommend that brand owners focus on the right version, high-quality fabrics and excellent workmanship, so that your brand can become a classic. As a denim jackets manufacturer, we will provide reference to customers based on our experience.

We hope that as your brand becomes stronger, Mladen as a producer will become stronger. Taking into account the actual needs of the new brand, Mladen has launched a wholesale denim jacket service.

You can choose a suitable style from our catalogue. Each jacket of Mladen has undergone strict pre-shrinking, washing and other processes. So as to ensure that your brand is high-end

Washing knowledge about denim jackets

1- Garment wash, the water temperature is generally around 60-90, add a certain amount of detergent, after 15 minutes of ordinary washing, added softener to wash.

2- Stone wash, a certain size of pumice stone is included in the washing water to make the clothes and stones polished. After washing, the cloth surface will feel old and may be slightly damaged.

3- Enzyme wash, enzymes can degrade the fiber structure at a certain pH value and temperature, so that the cloth surface will fade gently. It can also be washed with stones, called ENZYME

4- Sand wash, use some alkaline and oxidizing agents to make the denim jacket have a certain fading effect and sense of accomplishment after washing

5-Chemical wash

6-Bleach wash

7-Damage wash

8-Snow wash

9-Hand brush