Custom Clothing Manufacturer in China
  • Custom all kinds of jacket & uniform;
  • Support small batch production;
  • Support wholesaler business;

Custom Clothing Manufacturer

Mladen is a Custom Clothing Manufacturer from China. Our product center has hundreds of styles for your reference. If our product center does not have a style you like, then you can tell me your needs and we can help you design a style unique to your brand.

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The style of jacket is suitable for my market, but I don’t like the fabric?

The styles of the jackets in our product center are in line with your market, but if you want to change fabrics to better attract target customers, you can contact us. If we have the fabrics you want or similar fabrics in our warehouse, then we will remake a jacket for you.

If we don’t have the fabrics you want in our store we suggest you contact our product manager first, tell me your ideas, and we will solve them together.

The blank clothing that comes out of the manufacturer is all the same, what should I do if my customized jackets without their own brand characteristics?

Because of cost considerations, clothing manufacturers will mass-produce some basic jackets, so that brand clients can get the lower cost performance when customizing. However, because the mass-produced basic models reduce the brand’s personalization, how can we solve it?

In addition to exquisite embroidery, printing, patch embroidery, and other traditional items.

We suggest that you can give away accessories or T-shirts that match the jacket, and these promotional items are usually purchased on your behalf according to your price and requirements.

As a professional manufacturer of customized jackets in China, we can provide you with all the additional services.

We can purchase promotional materials suitable for your brand promotion for you, and can choose accessories suitable for your jackets. We have hundreds of cooperation Suppliers, we can tell you the latest trends.

Custom clothing is not only just to produce clothing for you, we think of more for your brand!

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