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School Uniform

Mladen has been in the field of school uniform production for many years and has created more than one million sets of school uniforms for children all over the world.

Mladen produces school uniforms in many styles and sizes, ranging from size 4 to 5XL, for children who cannot fit the size-push version.

We also provide customers with individual plate-making services to ensure that each child can wear a school uniform that fits.

A child, from kindergarten to high school, needs to wear school uniforms for about 15 years. School uniforms must not only have novel styles, children like to wear them, and the fabrics need to be comfortable so that parents can rest assured.

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What should I pay attention to when customizing school uniforms?

1. The school uniform should have school characteristics, be beautiful and generous, and students like it.

2. The fabric should be wear-resistant, the child’s exercise volume is large, and the fabric with strong fastness is the first choice. Especially on the knees, it is recommended to add a piece of cloth for more wear resistance.

3. The color fastness of the fabric is high. Children often wear school uniforms, so there will be more washing and drying. We recommend that the washing fastness and light fastness of the face cloth and lining should reach 4 or more. This school uniform looks very new all the time.

4. Safety, dyes are qualified, formaldehyde does not exceed the standard, and the content of heavy metals does not exceed the standard.

5. The zipper head is best made of silica gel. The cap rope should not be too long to avoid injury caused by the rope entangled with the body part when the child exercises.

6. You can also stick reflective strips on school uniforms to protect children’s personal safety in the dark.

How to start a school uniform order with us?

1- You can send us your bid, and we will make samples according to the requirements of the bid.

2- Calculate the cost and make a quotation.

3- Sign the contract and pay the deposit.

4- Arrange mass production after receiving the deposit.

5- After the production of the goods is completed, notify the buyer for inspection.

6- The buyer pays the balance and Mladen will deliver the goods according to the buyer’s instructions.

7- After-sales service.