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We are a professional padded jackets manufacturer and supplier in china. We can produce all kinds of padding jackets according to your sample or design.


All fabric and trims can be customized and we provide our suggestion for you. Our wholesale padded jackets are perfect for all kinds of customers including men, women, and kids.


They are in various designs, sizes, styles, and bring your brand to high-level quality and achieve success!


In cold winter, we need a fashionable and warm padded jacket to cope with the cold. Match with various cotton-padded jackets, you will have a different looking and good mood every day. No matter it’s a glossy short cool padded jacket or a simple and elegant long padded jacket, properly use hats scarves, and other accessories, you will be able to wear your popular style. 


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More Question about padded jacket


1- Design. You can send us pictures of jackets, we will help to make the drawing for you.

2- Fabric choose. We will suggest relevant fabric and let you know the price of the fabric.

3- Logo. send us your design, we will provide our suggestion. 

4- MOQ. About 800 – 1000 jackets per color. we support small order production. Contact us for more information.

5- Package: One jacket is usually packed in one transparent plastic bag. 

6- Delivery: Depends on your quantity and the craft of your jackets.



Why do padded jackets manufacturers delay delivery date?

Many people have this experience. In many cases, the supplier will not be able to deliver the goods on the agreed delivery date, which annoys customers. In fact, as a manufacturer, delays in delivery are even more undesirable.

This not only brings troubles to customers, but also damages our credibility. However, the production of clothing is a very long chain.

From the fabric supplier producing the fabric, to the accessories manufacturer producing the accessories material, and then to the flow production in our workshop, no matter which link has a small problem, it will affect the delivery time of the entire batch.

Generally, the main causes of delays are mainly due to power consumption restrictions in the factory area, unexpected situations during the transportation of fabrics and accessories, and the difficulty of jacquard fabrics far exceeding expectations.

OEM/ODM are generally need a long time to finish a order. We need to communicate continuously during this process. Any ideas or problems need to be communicated in time and resolved in a manner that is satisfactory to both parties.


How to start your padded-jackets order?

#1-Send us your sample. If you don’t have a sample, you can send us your design, we can make a sample for you.

#2-How to choose the cover fabric? There are lots of fabric in the market, most jackets are used polyester, nylon, viscose, cotton, and mixed ingredient as jacket cover. any special request, we can purchase yarn and weave your unique fabric.

#3-How to choose the main fabric color? You can send us your sample fabric or you can let us know the Pantone number.

#4-How to choose a lining fabric color. Usually, the lining fabric should match with cover fabric. Sometimes they are nearly color. Sometimes they belong to the same color system but a different color. It depends on your design.

#5-How to choose lining fabric?According to our experience, most of our clients prefer to use pongee or taffeta.

#6-How to choose padded type? Normally, there are some ways to produce a padded – jacket. please see the following two normal ways for your reference.

#7 Quilting on the lining

A calabash shaped lining quilting to keep warm, quilting can fix lining and filling, we quilting lining before cutting lining to make sure lining and filling would not move in any time.

#8 Cover fabric

Acrylic plate craft is used on following type of padded jackets, this kind of craft can keep two side cut parts form a symmetrical pattern.