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Satin Jackets

The satin jacket is a very popular jacket in universities, teams, clubs and competitions. Most of our satin jackets are made of high-quality fabrics with bright and rich colors. Its lining can be single-layer or quilted cotton, and its placket can be zippered or buttoned. It can inject vitality into your brand, and you can also give this jacket as a gift to your family and friends. Our satin jacket sizes range from XXS to 6XL. You can choose the most suitable satin jacket in our product library. If the satin jacket you need is not in our product library, as a satin jacket manufacturer, we can customize it exactly according to your requirements.

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Satin Jackets Manufacturer Advantage

Satin jacket design

Traditional satin jackets are mostly baseball uniforms. Mladen’s satin jacket adds various fashion elements, such as embroidery, quilting, and patch embroidery. In addition, high-waist satin jackets and flight suit satin jackets are also launched. You can also make color-blocking satin jackets to increase the sense of fashion.

Satin jacket main fabric

We are made of high-quality satin, which is delicate and comfortable. We have different kinds of satin fabrics for you to choose from, nylon satin, polyester satin, Tencel satin, or even blended satin.

Satin jacket color

We can make all kinds of colors, bright, dull, cool, warm, you just need to tell us the Panton NO, we can produce it for you.

Satin jacket size

Our jacket size ranges from XXS to 6XL. If you want to customize a special size jacket, we have experienced pattern makers who can make a version according to your size.

Satin Jackets Wholesaler and Supplier

We have everything sorted, satin bomber jacket, satin varsity jacket, satin baseball jackets, blank satin jacket, plain satin jackets, satin letterman jacket. If there is no satin jacket you like in our catalog, then we can produce it for you, To produce a jacket that is exclusive to you, our MOQ is 300 pieces.



As a Manufacturer of Satin Jackets, How Do We Work?


1- You need to give us your technical package or photos. The size chart here is very important, because people in different countries have different body shapes. This is really important, and it will make future work more smoothly.

2- We make plates according to your technical package. When our pattern master is making plates, we need to discuss fabrics and accessories together. If you already have your own fabrics and accessories, then you can change the technical indicators and Pantone color numbers of the fabrics. Tell us, we will find the face fabric, lining fabric and even filling you want for you.

3- When we determine the version, fabric, accessories and fillings, we will complete the sample within 10 – 15 working days and mail it to you for confirmation.

4- If you need us to change the process, increase or decrease the auxiliary material, or even the change of the color of the face cloth, as long as there is no large product, we will change it according to your requirements. The reprint of sample clothes is an important part of communication.

5- After the reprinted samples are completed, we will proceed to mass production after getting your consent.


# What is your satin jacket production capacity?

We can produce more than 5,000 single-layer thin satin jackets a day, if it is a satin jacket with quilted lining, we can produce more than 4,500 pieces a day.



# What is satin jacket price?

The price of our satin jacket ranges from USD 5 – USD 50. There are many factors in the production of satin jackets, such as the complexity of the style, the requirements of the fabric and the lining, the quantity, etc. You can send us an email to get us calculated result.



# What kind of fabric is the satin jacket made of?

There are many fabrics for satin jackets, nylon, polyester and all can be made into satin, depending on the budget and requirements of the guests.



# Satin jacket samples lead time?

With a complete technical package, we will complete the sample within 10-15 working days.



# Is the larger the quantity, the cheaper the price?

Yes, no matter which style of clothing, our workers need 2-3 days to become proficient. After being proficient, our production speed will be much higher than the first few days on the line. Therefore, the larger the number, the more proficient our craftsmanship. The production capacity will be higher, and the processing cost will be cheaper.