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Youth Letterman Jackets

Youth lettermen jackets are very popular among young people. They are loose-fitting, easy to exercise and large-scale movements. Young people use different letter combinations to express their emotions, excitement, anger, happiness, and loneliness.

The youth lettermen jacket has given youth unlimited reverie, and it has become especially popular among young people in recent years. Youth lettermen jackets are generally made of knitted fabric. The knitted fabric has large elasticity and is comfortable to wear.

It is more suitable for young people to exercise and socialize. The style is mainly baseball jacket. The front chest or back, and the arms can be embroidered with patches. Add your own letter combination.

There are also printing letters, but among our customers, more are patch embroidery. Since the number of customized youth letterman jackets for some groups is not enough to open a production line to re-produce, we have a basic inventory all the year round to facilitate small batches of private customization for group customers.

In addition, we also provide wholesale business of blank youth letterman jackets. The wholesale price varies according to the quantity. Welcome to email us for consultation.

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