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Fleece Jackets

Fleece Jacket is a jacket suitable for all ages. It is usually made of knitted fabric. It is very soft and can be made into various colors and styles. Mladen garment also launched a waterproof fleece jacket. When a party is going on and the sky is light rain, then the waterproof fleece jacket can let you move freely very comfortably. We have been producing fleece jackets for many years, as a fleece jacket manufacturer, we can customize fleece jackets that belong to your brand. At the same time, there are blank fleece jackets for you to choose from.

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Advantages of Custom Fleece Jacket from Manufacturer

Fleece jacket design

It is said that the design of the fleece jacket is too monotonous. In fact, NO, we have newly developed a 3D-effect embossed fabric. You can display your brand letters in a concavo-convex manner, which not only increases brand awareness, but also has a good wearing effect.

Fleece jacket main fabric

We use high-quality cotton knitted fabrics to make fleece jacket, terry cloth, waffle, terry cloth, jersey, brushed cloth, we have different kinds of knitted fabrics for you to choose from in our fabric library.

Fleece jacket color

We can make all kinds of colors, bright, dull, cool, warm, you just need to tell us the Panton number, we can do the exactly pantone color sample for your approval then we go with the mass production according to the pantone number which we confirmed.

Fleece jacket fabric composition

We will designate a suitable knitted fabric for you according to your budget and wearing environment. It can be polyester-cotton blended, rayon blended, or all-cotton. Our fabric weight can range from 250-500GSM. Different clothes can meet the weather conditions in different regions

As a manufacturer of Fleece jackets, how did we start working?

1- First, you need to send me your design drawing and size chart, and our staff will discuss the jacket practices based on your technical package

2- Our staff will contact you to discuss the craftsmanship, fabrics and accessories, this is very important, we need to quote for you according to your requirements

3- After we have confirmed the craftsmanship, fabrics and accessories, then we need you to pay the sample fee. Our other staff also need to start to work on this project.

4- After receiving the sample fee, our purchasers need to purchase suitable fabrics and accessories. We generally need 3 working days to purchase the fabrics and accessories, and CAD maker started making a pattern.

5- When all the materials and pattern are completed, our sample maker will produce your clothes. At this time, your ideas will be perfectly embodied in the clothes

6- After the sample is completed, it will be expressed to you. After you have received the sample, you will put forward your suggestions for modification, and we will make the sample again.

7-It is a process from the initial design and idea to the completion of the garment. It may be a long time. We need to keep communicating to obtain the sample that best meets your requirements. It is also the preliminary preparation for our future cooperation.


Fleece Jackets Wholesale and Supplier


As a wholesaler of fleece jacket, we have blank fleece jackets in different colors and styles for wholesale. We can also provide blank fleece jackets of different quality. You just need to email us to know our inventory status. Our minimum order quantity for wholesale is 300 pieces, which can be mixed in color and code, and can be customized for packaging, labeling and labeling services, but it is not possible to change the size or style.

Fleece Jackets Manufacturer FAQ


# How many Fleece jackets can you produce in one month?

In the case of complete supply, we can produce more than 50,000 ordinary single-layer fleece jackets a day. If it is a complex style, then our production capacity will also be slower.



# As a producer and manufacturer, what is your MOQ ?

For ordinary fleece jacket, our MOQ is 1000 pieces/style, and it can be of different colors.



# Does your quotation include freight?

We usually quote FOB prices, if you are a wholesale customer, we will quote EX-WORK prices. About DDP and CIF prices, you need to provide an address, we can report after inquiries.



# I need 1000 fleece jackets, but the materials we need are different, can we produce them?

As a manufacturer, we can produce small batches, but when we order fabrics, the fabric has a minimum order quantity. If the minimum order quantity is not reached, the price will be higher. We can produce it for you, but the cost will be high.