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Fleece Jackets

Fleeces jackets are a kind of polyester knitted fabric jacket. Usually, we use fleece fabric, Berber fleece fabric, or polar fleece fabric to make a fleece jacket. Mladen is a professional fleece jacket manufacturer in china.

We can customize your fleece jackets with different materials and different styles of fleece jackets, like full zip fleece jackets, half-zip fleece jackets, hoodie fleece jackets. And we provide bulk fleece jackets for wholesale too. Mladen also accepts wholesale Fleece Jackets.

We can provide you fleece jackets of good quality and reasonable price.

More than a thousand kinds of fabrics are available for customization
There is always a fleece jacket suitable for your brand

More information about fleece jackets fabric:

Below is a brief introduction among normal fleece, Berber fleece, polar fleece

1- Normal fleece

One of the great advantages of fleece is that it is light. The fleece of the same weight keeps the heat much better than wool. And it is more breathable, capillary drainage and insulation, and other excellent performance, it can quickly discharge the sweat from the body after exercise, to ensure that the exercise process of the body is dry and comfortable.

Besides, fleece is not only light in weight, easy to carry but also easy to take care of, not easy to deform.

Berber fleece is not a standard term in the market, but a common name of merchants. It is artificial cashmere and belongs to imitation cashmere.

2- Berber fleece

This imitation cashmere (Berber fleece) is chemically 70% polyester and 30% nitrile. After burning, it has the taste of roast chicken hair. It’s not real wool as people think. Lamb wool is super fine wool, selected long wool. Imitation cashmere is artificial, so it’s called Berber fleece.

Berber fleece is not as expensive as lamb down, but it keeps you warm as well as real lamb down. So it is widely used in the clothing industry.

Mladen’s Berber fleece jackets are hot sale jackets. Mladen’s fleece jackets are not easy to cause static electricity, they are comfortable and warm to wear.

3- Polar fleece

There is a process in the manufacturing process of polar fleece, called polar, which is rolled in a machine like a drum washing machine, to form a small spherical particle effect on the surface.

It has a good hand feeling, excellent flexibility, and generally won’t pilling when worn. It is a good product with good quality and reasonable price and is commonly used for coat and blanket products. Its ingredients are generally polyester, it is soft hand feeling, it is a good choice to keep out cold in winter.

Also, polar fleece can be compounded with any other fabrics, so that the cold resistance effect is better (polar fleece can compound with polar, denim fabric, fleece, and Berber fleece, mesh fabric, etc.).

We briefly introduce the differences between Fleece, Berber Fleece, and Polar Fleece above. Any question, please contact us

How to order fleece jackets?

1- Let us listen to the applicable people of your fleece jackets, usage scenarios, budget, and delivery time of fleece jackets

2- According to the communication situation, discuss whether we should produce fleece jackets or blank fleece jackets wholesale. We will recommend a suitable solution to you

3- Quotation and calculation of delivery date according to your QTY

4- According to the quotation, look for fabrics and accessories that meet the requirements of customers

     Make a sample and express it to you

5- The customer confirms the sample

6-Communicate and confirm the order and arrange the deposit

7- Purchase fabrics and accessories and arrange the production line

8- During the production process, we will give you feedback with pictures or videos

9-We accept third-party inspection, arrange balance payment after passing the inspection

10- Arrange delivery, booking shipment, etc.

11-After-sales service