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Military Uniform


We have many years of experience in the production of military uniforms. We have produced camouflage jackets, camouflage pants, camouflage vests, camouflage T-shirts, camouflage shirts for troops in many countries. Our warehouse has a large number of blank military jackets, which can not only be wholesale but also can be customized for you. Buying blank military jackets directly from our factory, not only has a short delivery time, but also saves proofing and other costs. It is the most cost-effective choice. Wholesale camouflage jackets, our MOQ is 100PCS. Wholesale jackets cannot have major changes in styles and fabrics, but we can customize your embroidery stickers for you or put your brand labels on them. Please email us for specific matters.Our email is


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Military Uniform Manufacturer Advantage

1- Recommend fabrics and styles according to your budget

We can print various camouflage patterns on different tire fabrics with different printing methods according to your budget. If you have special requirements, such as antistatic, color fastness, etc., we can do it for you. At the same time, different sewing methods will be recommended according to your sample to achieve the highest cost performance.

2- Competitive price

Our prices are competitive. We have 2 production bases, one in China and one in Bangladesh. We can provide customers with the best origin and guarantee good prices according to their customs clearance requirements.

3- Timely delivery

The delivery time is stable, and our workers’ skills are mature, and the public security environment is good. We will adjust the production line according to the number of orders, so as to meet customer requirements to the greatest extent. If your order is very large, our maximum production capacity is 5000 sets a day, if your order is very large, then we will make your goods together with our brother factory.

4- Perfect after-sales service

We not only produce uniforms, but also care about the feelings of soldiers wearing uniforms. Anything that needs to be changed after the soldiers wear them, we will gather together to improve the craftsmanship and design the next time we make uniforms.


Military Uniform Supplier for Sale and Custom


Mladen is a reliable Military Uniform Supplier in China. We specialize in producing all kinds of military clothing and can increase the functionality of police uniforms according to customer requirements, such as flame-retardant, anti-static, anti-fouling and easy to clean, etc. We can also produce camouflage uniforms for the army. Relying on China’s strong supply chain system, we have an advantage in produce large quantity orders. We have professional typesetting personnel, reliable fabric and accessories suppliers, and skilled production workers.




OEM Military Jacket


We can produce different types of camouflage uniforms, such as desert camouflage, jungle camouflage, snow camouflage, navy camouflage uniforms, army camouflage uniforms, blue sky camouflage uniforms, police uniforms. We can also produce all kinds of police uniforms and security uniforms.


Our military jackets can produce European standard and camouflage uniforms and American standard camouflage uniforms, and can also add special requirements to the camouflage, such as anti-static point, anti-flame resistance, rubbing fastness and other requirements that are beneficial to soldiers. If your camouflage uniform is Set, we guarantee that the color of each set of camouflage has no color difference.


The quantity of army clothing is relatively large. Our daily output of camouflage jackets is 5,000 pieces. If it is a style with more complicated craftsmanship, we can make 4,500 pieces per day. Our workers are very good at making woven camouflage uniforms, and the efficiency is very high.


If your army jackets is a bidding document, then you are right to find us, because we have very rich bidding experience, we are familiar with camouflage fabrics, understand the production process, send it to us, let us know the bidding situation, we will use us The professional help you get the order, and we only produce camouflage jackets for you behind the scenes.


OEM Military Jackets Manufacturer FAQ


What are military uniforms and army uniform made of?

It can be cotton, polyester, viscose, or blended. You can even weave your camouflage fabric according to your requirements for yarn composition.



Do you issue a test certificate?

We know that customers have higher requirements for the fabrics of camouflage clothing than other ordinary garment. We will not only check our fabric samples at SGS or Intertek before production, but we will often check the various indicators of the fabrics during the production of large-scale goods.



Can you produce our large quantities of army jackets?

Our maximum production capacity is 5,000 pieces per day for military jackets with complicated styles. Our production capacity may be reduced, but I believe this capacity is sufficient to produce large quantities of military jackets for you. If your order is urgent, we will sell This link saves you time. We purchase ready-made white fabrics and require the printing factories and accessories factories that cooperate with us to produce our fabrics and accessories at the fastest speed, so that we can start work earlier.



Is your delivery time stable?

If there are no special circumstances, we can all deliver the goods within the agreed delivery period. In case of special circumstances, such as summer restrictions on electricity use, natural disasters, etc., which cause our production schedule to be disturbed, we will communicate with our customers in a timely manner And negotiation.