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Private Label Clothes Manufacturer

Owning your own branded collection used to be a risky business practice, limited to those with ample budget. And now, as all kinds of fashion brands occupy a major position in the market, small-scale business owners can also have their own brands, and do not need to understand complex production processes. As a private babel provider, Mladen has our own design, you only need to put your own label on it.

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Private Label Clothing Manufacture Advantage

Have your own trendy design

We have many years of experience in OEM processing, have seen many different styles, and often pay attention to the new products of major brands. Combining our advantages in production, we have developed many styles that are comparable to those of major brands. For these styles, you only need to change your trademark and add your label.

Packaging service

We not only change labels and make tags for you, but we also provide packaging services for you. We customize exquisite packaging for each of your clothes. When you receive the goods, you will directly enter the warehouse without re-packing and shipping directly. That’s it.

Provide famous brand fabrics

We study the newly clothing on the market every year. We use the same fabrics as the big brands to produce our clothing. Our patterns and fabrics can provide the best protection for your brand. The quality is the same as the big brands, and it is cheaper than the big brands.

Small batch production

We have our own production workshop and provide small batch production services. If you don’t like our styles, then you only need to provide your design and size table, we can make samples for you and produce them in small batches.

As a Private Label Clothing Manufacturer, What we can offer you?


You only need to send us the photo and size table, we will make a pattern for you, select fabrics and accessories, and make samples for you. Our business manager will keep in touch with you throughout the process.


We have our own production line, so we can produce clothes of the same quality as the big brands for you, but the price will be much cheaper than that of the big brands. As long as you put your label, you have the same quality clothes as the big brands. Of course, the cost of famous brand clothes will be much higher than ordinary clothes. If small batches are produced, the labor cost will be higher than mass production.


Our design is absolutely invisible in the market. The quality and design are hidden in the details. Our detailed design is very careful. Because we have many years of OEM experience, we will design our own clothing based on the customer’s experience. You don’t need to worry about matching and accessories, just change your logo.


We have a large number of blank models that are popular in the market. If your consumer is more accepting of regular styles, then you can choose the model that suits you on our website. We will customize a private label for you to make it your brand.

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Private Label Clothing Manufacture FAQ


# How to customize my own label?

You need to design your own label, which includes pattern, text, size and label material.



# What is the MOQ for changing the label?

The number of MOQs for changing the label is 100 pieces, and we charge for changing the label labor cost and labeling fee, because we purchaser labels from our supplier.



# What is the MOQ of the washing label mark and trademark?

MOQ is 10000. Although the minimum order quantity for the washing water mark and trademark is high, the unit price is cheap. You can choose to store the unused washing label and logo in our company, or you can ask us to send it to you when we ship the bulk.



# I have my own design, can I make a private label?

If you provide your own design, then we need to produce it for you. Our MOQ is 300 pieces/style/color.



# Can I make samples for me with only photos and no size chart?

No, we must have a size chart to make samples. The clothes of the same style will have different sizes in different countries. We can’t see the size in the photos, we can only look at the style. So we can’t make samples without a size chart.



# Can the pattern of your design be changed?

It can be changed, but you need to pay the opening fee. The clothes we designed have already been printed, which can save you the cost of printing.



# Can your new arrival clothes be sold separately?

New arrival clothes are not sold individually. Our designs are not in stock and need to be produced for you. If the quantity is small and we cannot produce them. Therefore, single selling is not accepted.



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