Sports Jackets

We are a sports jacket manufacturer from China that supports small quantity production and wholesaler businesses. We have a large variety of sports jackets for men and women. Sports jackets are unique because they provide extreme comfort along with a stylish look. This style is very popular among young people, though it’s also appropriate for a mature audience. You can customize your jackets by adding your logo, changing the color scheme, inputting additional style elements, and more. Make your jackets unique by using embroidery, printed letters, patterns, colors, and other features. There is no limit to what you can do.

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Custom Sports Jackets Manufacturer

Sports Jacket Design

We have a large library of jacket designs that you can work with. Find a jacket that you’d like to offer to your customers or get inspired to create your own. We make an effort to keep up with the popular trends in the fashion industry and deliver cool new designs every season.

Sports Jacket Material

People that opt for sportswear usually don’t mind getting a bit dirty in their everyday life. Because of that, we make most of our sports jackets from polyester. Polyester is very durable and comfortable for wear. At the same time, the fabric is reasonably priced, which gives you a lot of freedom in terms of design elements. You also have the opportunity to choose any other material you’d like your jackets to be made of.

Sports Jacket Size Chart

As with any other item of clothing, we can adjust to your size chart and produce sports jackets that will fit your clientele. You can decide what fit and length work best for your brand.

Sports Jacket Manufacturing

The process of manufacturing is often the most tiring process in sales. With us, you can do the fun part, which includes designing the jacket and communicating with your customers, while we do the boring part – manufacturing.

Sports Jacket Manufacturer in China

Our factory has all the necessary equipment used to create high-quality sports jackets for you and your customers. If you’re not entirely sure what material you want to use or what you want your jacket to look like, we can help you decide. You can get an overview of all the options with prices and learn which one would make the most sense for your customer base.

You are personally involved in every decision-making process when it comes to your garments. Trust that not a single button or zipper will be added without your consent. You can intervene with the production at any early stage and choose to add your logo or adjust the design to your liking.

What are sports jackets made of?

Today, you can choose virtually any material to be used in your garment. Most sportswear uses Spandex, as the material is very stretchable and comfortable. We use polyester in the production of our sports jackets. The material is durable and it doesn’t wrinkle, making it perfect for someone with an active lifestyle. It is also lightweight and breathable.

Are sports jackets windproof?

Not all sports jackets are windproof, but many of them are. You can easily find a windproof and waterproof jacket made out of cotton and/or polyester on our website. Windproof jackets can keep your customers extra warm when it’s windy outside. They are suitable for people who like to hike, mountain climb, and spend time in nature.

What is a letterman jacket?

A letterman jacket, also known as a varsity jacket, is a type of jacket that usually features leather and wool. The jacket is best known in the US for its affiliation with high school and college athletes that wear their varsity jackets with pride. This type of sports jacket has become a fashion statement for people outside of schools and colleges. If your customer base consists of young fashionable people, they will surely appreciate varsity-style jackets in your collection.