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ODM Clothing Manufacturer


Mladen is the one of best ODM Clothing Manufacturer in China. We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of garment manufacturing. We have experienced pattern maker and skilled workers. After years of industry experience, we have accumulated enough styles to provide customers with choices.



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The Reason You Choose ODM Manufacturer

Reduce R&D costs

We have our own designers, and we will launch new models from time to time for customers to choose from, so that customers do not have to spend expensive costs to carry out new development and design.


Support customization

Our design is generally a blank jacket, which means that our customers can choose the style that suits him in our catalogue, and customize the label for the customer to make it the customer’s brand.

Save delivery time

ODM jackets,we will stock up, so you don’t have to purchase fabric ,accessories and processing, shorten the delivery time, as long as you choose the style you like, we will check the stock for you, and you can ship it immediately.

Easy sample purchase

We have inventory. When you need samples, we don’t need a series of operations such as pattern making and sample making, which can greatly reduce the sample cost and production time.

Mladen Is The Best ODM Clothing Manufacturer

We will release new styles every season. After you choose our style, we will customize the label for you and become your ODM clothing design. We can also provide you with white label clothing and become your wholesaler.

What Is ODM Clothing? It is also named Original Design Manufacturer. This means that after a manufacturer designs a product, in some cases it may be favored by other brands, requiring to add the brand name to be used for production, or slightly modifying some designs (such as button positions)to produce.

The difference between OEM Clothing and ODM Clothing.OEM products are tailor-made for brand manufacturers. After production, only the brand name can be used, and the manufacturer’s own name must not be used for production. The ODM depends on whether the brand company has bought out the copyright of the product. If not, the manufacturer has the right to organize production on its own, as long as there is no corporate design identification.

Common Advantages of ODM and OEM Reducing investment in fixed assets such as plant and equipment; You can have your own products without a lot of funds; Concentrate on design, research and development, sales, save time and cost investment; You can give full play to your own advantages and hand over production-related technology and work to professional companies, which can improve product quality and shorten the production cycle.

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ODM Manufacturer FAQ


# I like one of your white-label garments and blank clothing, but can I change the color?

Changing the color requires re-production. We need to purchase fabrics and accessories for you again. To manufacturer, the process is the same as the production of bulk goods. If the quantity is not large, we do not recommend changing the color. The MOQ for changing the color is 300, and the price will be higher than the normal blank jacket. We need to calculate the specific price according to the style and quantity.



# I hope to print my own brand on the blank jacket, can I?

Generally speaking, we can print your logo or brand for single-layer clothes, and we can also embroider your brand for you. It is not recommended to print double-layer clothes, because the printing process is due to the lining and face cloth. Friction between two fabric will have a destructive effect on the printing effect.



# Is it possible to provide standard modification services?

Yes, for our white-label garments, normally we will reserve an empty hem at the back of the neck so that you can sew your logo. For the standard change service, we will ask customers to pay for the production cost of the trademark, because we do not produce trademarks, we need to purchase trademarks.



# ODM minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 100PCS, we can provide you with DDU sea and air freight prices and DDP sea and air freight prices to facilitate your cost calculation.