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Letterman Jackets

Lettermen jacket is suitable for people who love travel, sports, culture and art. Embroidery or printing can be used on the front and back to express young people’s mood, anger, nostalgia, hip-hop, alternative… It is a manifestation of emotions and thoughts in clothing.

With unique accessories, your brand can quickly become popular among young people. Mladen has a young team with a unique fashion trend vision. We can not only produce your design but also wholesale blank letterman jackets, if you are purchaser of a team, we can custom letterman jacket for you.

There is always a way of cooperation that works for you.

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How to start a youth letterman jacket with us?

1-Send us your sample or your design

2-We will provide you a quotation on 3 days after receive your sample. If you send us your design , we need to discuss details before provide quotation

3-Make sample and send to you

4-Sign order and arrange advanced payment

5-Bulk produce, during the process of producing, we will send pics and videos to you.

6-Inspection after all jackets finished

7-Arrange balance payment to Mladen