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Rain Jackets

Mladen provides different styles of rain jackets. Our rain jackets are not only stylish in design but also have the functions of moisture absorption and perspiration. We can add different levels of waterproof levels to different face fabrics according to your user environment. You can choose the most suitable waterproof level without worrying about wearing comfort. More importantly, as a rain jacket manufacturer in China, we can wholesale various types of waterproof jackets for men, women, children.

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Custom rain jacket and rain coat with jacket manufacturer

Rain Jacket Design

The jacket we made, from the outside, you see only a good-fit and high-quality windbreaker, but when you walk in the rain inadvertently wearing it, you will be surprised that it is not as heavy as a traditional raincoat. But it has good waterproof function. It can be thick or thin

Rain Jacket Waterproofing Grade

As a manufacturer, when we are making main fabric, we can do different levels of waterproof treatment on the cover fabric according to customer requirements. We can do ordinary waterproof requirements for light rain, and the hand feel will not be affected. It can also be used for the waterproof requirements of PU coating, and it can be worn in harsh environments.

Rain Jacket Size

Generally speaking, Rain jacket is more casual, mainly in loose sizes. For women’s clothing, we can also make it into a waistband. Our size can be from S to 6XL.

Rain Jacket Seam Glue

For our rain jacket, we have made waterproof treatment on the face cloth, but the seams are easy to seep. So the seams will be glued to prevent rainwater from entering through the seams.

Rain Jacket Wholesale suppliers in China

As one of the most experienced rain jacket wholesale suppliers in China. Mladen can provide you with blank raincoats of different styles. We have sufficient stock. You only need to add your tag to become your brand. For start-ups, we can also provide small batch customization. Customization can fully implement your ideas according to your requirements. The minimum order quantity for customization is 300PCS. The biggest advantage of customization is to highlight your brand.



Rain Coat Manufacturers who Understand Customers Best

Choose Mladen as your long-term OEM manufacturer and supplier to bring convenience to your business. We provide you with one-stop solutions and produce your jackets. From material selection to the production process, we will have professional personnel to operate. Our competitive price and stable production staff can help you to achieve success.



Breathable Waterproof jackets, Rain Coats Manufacuturer

♦   We strictly select suitable fabrics. Different fabric functions are matched with different styles. Every jacket we produce is praised by consumers in the market. At the same time, we have also launched light and thin raincoats for different seasons. Prepare different jackets

♦   Ordinary parka jackets, down jackets, camouflage uniforms and even school uniforms, we can customize the waterproof function for you, soft to the touch, no film can be seen, it looks like ordinary fabrics, but it is waterproof.

♦  When sewing, we take the thread carefully, horizontally and vertically. The style, thickness and strictness of the sewing thread must be compared with the style of the clothes, and the details are perfect.

♦  As long as you have a design draft or a photo, we can customize the pattern for you, choose the right fabric, and the ready-to-wear will definitely surprise you



Is your jacket the most competitive price?

Because we have rich production experience, familiar with market changes, a stable production team and reliable suppliers, our supply chain is very mature and is sufficient to support our products.


Are the accessories of the waterproof jacket waterproof?

We will have special treatments for the zipper and seams on the waterproof jacket, such as adding water-retaining strips, using waterproof zippers, and the thin seams are tightly stitched.


Can ordinary waterproof jackets be worn in extreme weather?

Ordinary waterproof jackets cannot be worn in extreme weather or a downpour. Ordinary waterproof jackets are usually soft shell jackets, which can play a waterproof role in general rainy environments. In heavy rain or extreme weather, a hard shell jacket is still needed to be effective.