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Safety Vests

Mladen Garment is a safety vest manufacturer based in China. We support small and large quantity production in all fields and industries. In our catalogue, you can find safety jackets of all shapes and sizes. The colors and design elements are customizable. Even though we offer very good prices, we always prioritize quality. As a result, the materials used are top notch. Our textile professionals are very experienced and can offer advice whenever you need it.

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Working With a Custom Safety Vest Manufacturer

Safety Vest Versatility

Safety vests are useful in many different situations. They can be used by police officers, cyclists, drivers, construction site workers, health workers, and more. A safety vest can keep your customers safe during traffic accidents, as well as at work or outside of it. They are especially useful at night, when the reflective element makes the wearer more visible.

Safety Vest Design

If you choose to work with a wholesale manufacturer, you can contribute to the design of your safety jackets. Neon yellow is the color most frequently used in safety vest design, as it stands out right away. If you don’t like yellow, you can choose from a number of other colors, including pink and blue.

Safety Vest Materials

Safety vests are usually made predominantly from polyester. Polyester is a very sturdy and durable fabric that can withstand the cold, heat, rain, snow, and dirt. The material is light, breathable, and comfortable, making it easy and pleasant to wear.

Safety Vest Size Chart

Adjust the width and length of your safety vests to your liking. Tweak them to perfection and make them suitable for your customers.

Custom Safety Vests

One of the main benefits of working with a manufacturer is complete customization. You can have a say in every single aspect of the garment and how it turns out. Adjust the color, size chart, materials, and overall design of your safety vests. Make the product perfect for your customers. Our facilities were made to deliver high-quality products all around. You can rely on excellent quality, as well as friendly prices.

One of the main features of a safety vest is the reflective belt. The technology behind the reflective element of the vest is quite complex. We use micro glass beads in the production of our reflective vests. These glass beads reflect the light back to its source, which could be a street lamp, car headlights, or a number of other things. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is, the reflective strip will do its job.

The neon colors used in the production of safety clothing can make the wearer more noticeable during the day. This feature of the garment can help the wearer avoid traffic accidents on the road. Safety vests are often used by cyclists, people operating heavy machinery, and even primary school children.

Safety Vests Wholesale

Working with a safety vest wholesaler has many benefits. Whether you prefer production in small or large quantities, you can benefit from working with a wholesaler. We always make sure that our products are high-quality. The economies of scale allow us to offer competitive prices for our products.

With all of that in mind, you are still welcome to customize your products and make them unique for your brand. Add a logo to your safety vest, put some embroidery on it, or add any other design element that you can think of. Customize the size and fit of the jacket to make it perfectly suitable for your target audience. Change the color of the garment and make it your own.

With a selection of safety vests, you can help people prevent dangerous situations on the road. Safety vests are designed to alert the surroundings of a person being present, especially in situations where you can’t see very well. Those include foggy roads, forest roads, and other terrains with low visibility.

Safety clothing is not only suitable for drivers, but also school children, elderly people, heavy machinery operators, individuals with disabilities, and more.

Application areas of safety vests

A reflective safety vest is suitable for a wide range of people. Road traffic police, night police, sanitation workers, construction site workers, the elderly and children, outdoor activities, cyclists, travel companions, etc. are all suitable for wearing reflective safety jackets.

Especially at night, the high-brightness reflective design in safety clothing can also play a strong warning role, making it easier to identify people working at night, thereby further reducing the occurrence of night accidents.

Moreover, it can play an obvious protective role for the safety of field nights, traffic accidents, people who get lost at night, and the construction personnel themselves.

The concept of the manufacturer’s design of the safety vest

Safety vest is designed with a reflective belt. Its reflective part is mainly made by using the refraction produced by the micro-diamond crystal lattice and the retro-reflective principle of glass beads with a high refractive index.

It is made by the advanced process of focusing and post-processing. No matter in day or night, it can reflect the distant direct light to the luminous place, with the good retroreflective optical performance.

The use of safety clothing can play a very positive role in greatly reducing various accidents. Because it is not only useful for traffic safety, it also has obvious effects on personal safety, especially for the road safety of some elderly, children, and disabled people. It has a special protective effect.