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Safety Vests

Safety jackets are composed of main fabric, a reflective layer, and a lining. Mladen provides safety vests wholesale business. Our production is based in China. We are a safety vest manufacturer.

The perfect supporting facilities in China make us more competitive. We can guarantee: the safety vests we produce are of high quality and good prices. Our product managers have rich experience in the textile industry experience can provide you with professional services.

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Application areas of safety vests

A reflective safety vest is suitable for a wide range of people. Road traffic police, night police, sanitation workers, construction site workers, the elderly and children, outdoor activities, cyclists, travel companions, etc. are all suitable for wearing reflective safety jackets.

Especially at night, the high-brightness reflective design in safety clothing can also play a strong warning role, making it easier to identify people working at night, thereby further reducing the occurrence of night accidents.

Moreover, it can play an obvious protective role for the safety of field nights, traffic accidents, people who get lost at night, and the construction personnel themselves.

The concept of the manufacturer’s design of the safety vest

Safety vest is designed with a reflective belt. Its reflective part is mainly made by using the refraction produced by the micro-diamond crystal lattice and the retro-reflective principle of glass beads with a high refractive index.

It is made by the advanced process of focusing and post-processing. No matter in day or night, it can reflect the distant direct light to the luminous place, with the good retroreflective optical performance.

The use of safety clothing can play a very positive role in greatly reducing various accidents. Because it is not only useful for traffic safety, it also has obvious effects on personal safety, especially for the road safety of some elderly, children, and disabled people. It has a special protective effect.