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As a CMT clothing manufacturer, we have rich experience on CMT services for schools and troops. We are good at mass production, punctual delivery and stable product quality. The uniforms we produce are in line with environmental and technological requirements. We have a complete clothing supply chain in China, no matter you need to produce knitted jacket or woven jacket, we can produce perfect products for you.

At the same time, we can also provide CMT service for the brand garments, fabric, and accessories are developed by the brand side, we will produce according to your process list or sample clothing.

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CMT refers to processing with materials supplied by buyers. The manufacturer performs processing in accordance with its specified style, size and quantity, and charges the customer the agreed processing fee.

What to pay attention to when signing a CMT Clothing contract?

1- The number of fabrics and accessories provided.

2- The size, quantity, and packaging requirement of the finished products by the buyer.

3- The delivery time and the delivery date of fabrics and accessories.

4- Material quota and material loss for each size.

Advantages of CMT Clothing

1- The clothing produced is completely designed by yourself, and the style is consistent with your own design

2- Since the fabrics, accessories, and designs are all purchased by the buyer, the cost and quality are relatively transparent, and the customer can control the quality and purchase price very well.

3- Reasonable control of production loss, customers make their own patterns, arrange typeset and can control the loss within an appropriate range

4- Some customers provide their own tags and packaging, and CMT clothes can be directly packaged and sold

Disadvantages of CMT Clothing

5- Since the fabrics and accessories are purchased by the customer themselves, the manufacturer often does not know enough about the fabrics and accessories when sewing, causing problems such as color difference and thorns in the clothes.

6- Since the fabric is provided by the buyer, the manufacturer does not know enough about the characteristics of the fabric when the factory is cutting, and the woven cloth is often too loose, the knitted cloth is too tight, etc.

7- Since the fabric is provided by the buyer, the factory will slack in the fabric inspection, such as color difference, pinholes, and other details.

8- For the new brand, if there is no in-depth understanding of the quality of the supplier, quality problems in the production process will cause problems in a batch of clothes

9- Since the fabric and accessories are provided by the buyer, the buyer needs someone to coordinate various issues, such as logistics, quality, etc.

How does CMT Clothing manufacturer operate?

1- Cutting

After the manufacturer receives the layout of the clothing, the fabric will be cut. Generally, there are two methods, manual cutting, and automatic cutting. The factory operates according to the layout paper received. Any error in the fabric will cause a relatively large loss. It is recommended that the buyer conduct a strict quality inspection on the quality of the fabric before cutting in the factory.

2- Making

After the fabric is cut, the manufacturer will register the cut piece and send it to the production line for mass production. Different garments have different machine processing and production sequences. For example, down jackets need a punching machine, long vertical strips need a long arm machine, and styles with aligned front stitches need a pressure plate. The processing flow and machine are adjusted by the factory according to the style


After the whole piece of clothes is produced, the clothes will be transferred to the back-end workshop. The back-end workshop will check the quality of the clothes first, then cut the thread ends, iron, tag, and fold and pack according to the buyer’s requirements.

There is no official definition of CMT. We believe that it is just one of a variety of cooperation modes. According to the terms of CMT, it means that the buyer has a reliable fabric supplier and accessory supplier, and the fabric and accessory materials will be delivered at the time agreed in the contract. After the manufacturer has finished production, the buyer will transport the finished clothes to a nearby port. Buyers need to have a relatively reliable supply chain and have dedicated personnel to maintain and control the supply chain and quality. Under the terms of CMT, the manufacturer only provides labor and produces garments according to the buyer’s requirements.

How to work with us?

  • Send your sample to us, we will make a sample for you to check our quality.
  • We put forward suggestions for bulk modification according to the problems of the sample production process.
  • Confirm all accessories and process details
  • Deliverfabric and accessories to us. We prepare the production line for you
  • Producing
  • Client check garment quality
  • Delivery
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