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Embroidery Jackets

When you put on the embroidered jacket, you will find that other items on your body will be covered by its light. Whether you are wearing jeans, T-shirts, long skirts, etc., embroidered jackets will become the focus of your body wear .

Mladen has been deeply involved in the field of jackets for many years, and has its own unique understanding of each jacket. The big embroidery combined with the American military style jacket has a strong sense of fashion.

The denim jacket is matched with embroidery, which is bold and delicate, bringing a visual impact. Small embroidery seems low-key, but can show value, suitable for all styles of jackets.

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We only have embroidery designs for embroidered jackets, can we make samples?

Of course, after receiving your design draft, we will make a sample for you according to your design.

How are embroidered jackets produced?

The production process of embroidered jackets is basically the same as that of ordinary jackets, but it requires an extra process of embroidering on the pieces. After the embroidery on the piece is completed, the sewing work can be started

What is the MOQ of the embroidered jacket?

We recommend 800-1000 pieces of woven embroidered jacket, but different design can be embroidered. This can increase the diversity of your brand.

Will the dark embroidery thread fade after washing?

No, our embroidery threads are all polyester yarns, polyester yarns are not easy to fade.

Can Mladen wholesale embroidered jackets?

Yes, you can choose the style that suits your brand from our catalogue, and contact our product manager for more information