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Blank Jackets

Mladen provides blank jacket wholesaler service, you can choose the jacket that fits your brand positioning from our catalogue.

Our suggestion is small batch and multiple styles, you can purchase some blank bomber jacket, blank baseball jacket, blank vest, blank windbreaker jacket, blank varsity jacket …together to meet your brand positioning

Mladen can provide services such as printing and embroidering on blank jackets to meet the personalization of your brand. If you have any ideas about your brand, you can always contact our product manager.

Our product manager has more than 10 years of clothing experience. It will definitely help you.

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What do you need to pay attention to when wholesale blank jackets from manufacturers?

1. The style of the blank jacket

First of all, you must decide on the style of the jacket. You can choose the style that suits your market positioning from our website. This is the first step for a brand.

For our terminal consumers, when buying a jacket, the first thing to do is to choose the style they like. Only when the style is suitable, consumers will be interested in taking the next step and considering other aspects of the jacket.
2. Blank jackets need to pay attention to the selection of fabrics

When your customers are satisfied with the style of our jacket, they will start to pay attention to the fabric of this jacket.

Good fabric can improve the grade of a jacket. For example, the high-density and high-weight knitted fabric makes the jacket more stiff and would not lose their shape after washed, the quality PU coated woven fabric makes a functional jacket not only soft but also draped.

3. After the blank styles and fabrics are in line with your market positioning, then you can consider accessories.

When a blank jacket style and fabric can satisfy you, but use mismatched accessories, then the overall grade will be lowered in an instant. For example, the leather flight uses plastic zippers, and the fleece jacket uses metal zippers…

Only by achieving the ultimate in details, our jackets can stand out among many brands.

Mladen has rich experience on garment industry, we will do our best to help you build your brand dream.