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Work Jacket

Mladen is a work jacket manufacturer in China, our overalls custom orders are increasing in recent years, and the product category is also very complete, first of all, we need to know whether you will use a sample or send us your design. Different styles, crafts are different, this needs to be specified according to the needs of customers. The price of our fabrics and accessories will vary according to the different materials you require.

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Purchasing a suitable work jacket for our staff can be an especially daunting task for leaders. Because there is no experience on textile knowledge, it is difficult to choose the right work clothes manufacturers to cooperate with.

If you want an accurate quotation, please provide your sample clothes, our business director will give you an accurate quotation according to the style and workmanship of the sample clothes.

We will calculate the delivery date according to your quantity and the date when all the accessories arrive at the factory. Also, we provide a blank wholesale work jacket, you just let us know your logo, we can print your logo on the chest or on the back.

Customizing Work Jacket Manufacturer

1. When customizing work jackets, we should consider whether the comfort of the clothes can be suitable for normal activities. If the work clothes are not comfortable enough, they are likely to be damaged at work because they are too tight, which would affect our work.

In addition, comfortable work clothing is bound to improve our work efficiency.

2. Pay attention to the selection of materials:

Before customizing uniforms, we should consider the specific requirements of the factory/company on the performance and material of uniforms. Some industries, such as the main production of new energy and natural gas.

Then, this requires that overalls must have an anti-static function to avoid danger.

For example, steel manufacturing enterprises are mainly smelting metal, which should choose flame retardant and high-temperature resistant fabric material, for example, in the general office staff, the normal fabric is OK, if it is front desk work and luxury goods and fashion clothing work jacket, then we should pay attention to the fabric, we should choose some good quality fabrics.

So we should see the feature of different jobs to decide the choice of work clothes fabric, rather than blindly choose the fabric

3. Choose the style of work jacket.

To different needs, for example, consider how to put the intercom, how to put office stationery, and the adornment of additional functionality, such as cosmetics counters clothes we will set up more beautiful trims, Banks, restaurants our design are relatively simple, the most important thing is that we design our clothes according to our customers.

4. Accessories should be strictly checked.

Garment accessories should be strictly controlled. Some industries, such as electronics, medicine, chemical industry, petroleum, coal mining and other industries, should pay attention to prevent the static electricity.

Then garment buttons and zippers can‘t match with metal substances, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to electronic equipment or safety accidents.

5. Color, as one of the most important external characteristics of the work jacket, the difference in color often makes the difference in the popularity of work clothes.

Color has seasonal sense, temperature sense. In different seasons, especially in summer and winter, Color should be used flexibly. According to people’s psychological perception, summer work clothes can choose to use cool colors (such as blue).

In winter, warm colors (such as red) can be used. It can be concluded from experience that the colors that can be used as work clothes in a variety of industries are usually dark colors such as black, dark gray, navy blue, and so on.

You’d better use the same color for your jacket and pants. In order to be solemn and dirt-proof, the color of the work clothes will be generally divided into blue, gray, brown, black, and so on.

Blue work clothes mean sedate, brown work clothes mean noble. Of course, work clothes in the style should be convenient, smart, full of energy.