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Mladen is a professional vest manufacturer, we have a long history in the production of vests, styles, fabrics, colors, craftsmanship, prices, delivery dates, and quality. We serve customers all over the world and have accumulated a certain amount of experience.

Communication is very important in customizing vests. After confirming the order execution standards, when changes occur due to objective factors in the customization process, even if the communication reaches a consensus.

Meanwhile, we also accept wholesale vest and we support small quantity order produce. We are here, waiting for you!

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Our vests have an unexpected self-cultivation effect, let’s know more!

As a professional vest manufacturer, we spent lots of time on We spent a lot of time studying the retouching effects of vests. Sleeveless tops, also called vests, are collarless, sleeveless, and shorter tops.

The main function is to keep the front and back chest area warm and to facilitate the movement of hands. It can be worn inside the coat or outside the underwear.

The main varieties include various styles of suit vests, cotton vests, down vests, and woolen vests.

Men’s casual vest collocation to adjust the function of the body

1. Become strong

I watched a TV show a few years ago to help some young people with ideas about how to dress more handsomely. Once I met a very thin boy who couldn’t help but feel weak. At that time, his customer planned to wear two black suits together.

Oh, there are too many costume films. How can two suits go together in life? Wearing a light-colored waistcoat can be solved. The waistcoat is relatively close to the body and has a crisp chest, which will make people mistakenly think that it is part of the contour of the body. For those with a thin body or narrow shoulders, wearing a vest is a good adjustment plan.

2. Look thin

If you have too much meat on your belly, you can also use a dark waistcoat to cover it up. If you are too fat, unbuckle it. Anyway, you can cover it from both sides to avoid the feeling of flowing down your belly.

3. Exposed muscles

The muscles that I have been training for a long time in summer, how to show off in autumn, always wear a vest, and become neurotic. Yes, wearing a vest with a shirt, or a T-shirt, the swollen deltoid muscles will arch out from both sides. Isn’t it good to show off in a low-key manner? Like this.

AS a vest manufacturer, we understand your needs better.

There are more styles of ladies’ vests, not only short vests, but also long, loose, slim, thick, thin, waistline, down, and silk. After years of baptism, the vests made nowadays are more diverse, while still maintaining functionality, more of them are visually and innovative.

Normally, the cost of a vest is cheaper than a jacket, but the function of cultivating one’s morality is obvious. So, if your QTY is less than our MOQ, you can wholesale blank vest from us.

How to choose a vest that suits you

1. The double-layered vest can create the effect of stacking.

2. The ultra-short waistcoat is a good partner for small people.

3. Military style vest can best reflect individuality.

4. The three-breasted waistcoat is suitable for putting on a suit to increase the sense of gentleman.

5. The vest designed with a suit collar is suitable for some young boys attending formal occasions.