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Jacket Manufacturer

Mladen garment is a jacket manufacturer in China, We are able to customize all kinds of jackets according to customer requirements. Our customized MOQ is: MOQ 300PCS/design/color. For small orders, we provide you with color matching services. We have color matching cards for fabrics with different compositions. If your order cannot meet the dyeing MOQ, Then we have plenty of stock fabrics and colors for your choosing.

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Mladen Jackets Manufacturer Advantage

Convenient geographical location

Our company is located in Shanghai, the economic center of China. We are only 100 kilometers away from Shengze, the world-famous woven fabric production area. We are away from Keqiao, the world’s textile capital, and it only takes 45 minutes by train to arrive. Northern China has a price advantage in cotton fabrics, Southern China can provide the highest quality fabrics and accessories, and Central China has an unparalleled advantage in camouflage clothing dyeing.

We can produce different types of jackets

 Such as padding jacket, bomber jacket, quilt jacket, hand filling jacket, down jacket. The production process of different types of jackets is completely different. We produce all kinds of complex jackets all year round, each of which runs smoothly. The production capacity is very high.

Strong design ability

We have more than 20 years of experience in pattern-making, you only need to send us the photo and the approximate size (height), we can make a template based on your photo.

Customized service of special shell fabric

Usually our shell fabric is common cloth, sometimes plus various post-processing. If your fabric needs to be customized woven, then we can customize your fabric according to your requirements. Both jacquard and small jacquard can be customized.The best choice of custom jacket!

Wholesale all kinds of blank jacket

New sellers don’t want to keep too much inventory by themselves, because it will take up a lot of money, then you can also find your favorite styles from our website and send them to our staff. After we check the inventory, we will wholesale jackets in China. MOQ is 100PCS. Our blank jacket cannot provide embroidery, printing, and other services, but we can make your tag for you.

Jacket Manufacturer in China

If you are looking for a foreign supplier, then you have come to the right place. Mladen garment is an OEM jacket manufacturer in China, takes quality as its life, innovation as the foundation, honesty, and trustworthiness, and becomes a sustainable clothing manufacturer from china. Behind you to help your brand develop, and create wealth and value for our employees.

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# I have photos, can I send you designs?

If only photos are provided, we can design for you. Since there is no physical reference, we need to spend more time to design, and the sample fee will be higher.



# I have a piece of clothing that needs to be changed. Can it become my own brand?

We welcome customers like you, you send me your samples, tell me where you need to change, we can quickly produce samples for you.



# How long is the lead time for samples?

Under normal circumstances, we need 2 weeks to produce a sample garment, if it is a complicated style, it will take longer.



# What’s the lead time for bulk goods?

The delivery time for bulk goods is generally about 2 months. We need to purchase fabrics and accessories in the early stage, and the actual production is generally one month later. We can produce about 10,000 ordinary jackets in a month.


# How do you arrange production?

We arrange the production line according to your quantity and the complexity of the style. For a large number of jackets, we arrange a production line of about 30 people, so that the production efficiency can be greatly improved. If the quantity is less than 1,000, we will arrange about 20 people, sometimes 10 People around. We will flexibly arrange production according to the requirements of the customer’s delivery time.