Reliable FPP Clothing Manufacturer
  • Save Cost
  • Strict Quality Control
  • Grasp The New Trend

FPP Clothing Manufacturer

FPP (Full Production Package) contains all the processes of garment production. Customers only need to provide samples or technical packages, and the manufacturer provides all services such as plate making, fabric selection, purchase of accessories, production and processing, and packaging. For this type of cooperation, Mladen has rich experience.

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Advantages of FPP Clothing Manufacturer

1-Save Cost

To buyers, after signing an FPP contract, there is no need to allocate staff or even teams for fabrics and accessories procurement and the supply chain. Buyers only need to send the technical package or sample to the manufacturer, and we will complete all the garment production for you. Buyers only need to concentrate on brand promotion and sales increase, without worrying about the quality of clothing.

2-Quality Control from Us

Since we have many years of cooperation with suppliers in the textile industry, we are very clear about the supplier’s supply capacity and quality. No matter what quality and style the buyer needs, manufacturer can rely on many years of cooperation experience to find out the suitable supplier and supply chain.

3-Grasp the New Trend

We have many collaborators in the textile industry, and they are more sensitive to the latest trends, such as new fabrics, newly developed functional fabrics, popular accessory styles and materials. For FPP garments, manufacturers can bring the information of experience and market changes to the buyer for buyer’s reference.

4-Strict Quality Control

The quality is checked at every process. Before the fabric enters the factory, we have to inspect the goods at the supplier’s factory. Each roll of fabric must pass our QC’s inspection before entering the factory. Our workers will also carefully check the cloth surface when cutting the mop. Each production line arranges a cutting piece picker to check the quality of the finished product again when the thread is trimmed. Only the garments that pass the quality can enter the next process such as ironing. Unqualified clothing is directly scrapped.

What Makes Mladen an Excellent FPP Clothing Manufacturer?


Mladen is a Full Production Package Clothing Manufacturer in China, Our design team can help you design jackets and uniforms, and we have an excellent quality control team to ensure all inspections before shipment.

  • Our office is located in Shanghai, China. We are only 1.5 hours away from Shengze, a famous woven fabric production center, and 1.5 hours away from Keqiao, an Asian textile distribution center. We are 1 hour away from Jiaxing, the sweater production base. The convenient transportation system provides us with convenience in finding fabrics and accessories. Yes, the design of our customers can be expressed in our clothes.


  • We can produce according to customer needs. Mass production of jackets is what we are best at. We have masters who specialize in pattern making and fabric typesetting, we have skilled sewing workers, and serious and responsible post packaging workers. Mass production of basic jackets is to save purchasing costs for our private customized customers. Customers only need to send us the patterns they designed, and we can help them to print the patterns on the basic models, and at the same time make texture labels and packaging for you.


  •  Inventory is the biggest headache of new brands. It not only takes up capital but also takes up storage space. Boss is not in a good mood looking at the inventory. We recommend customers with different styles of the same color. For example, our MOQ is 800 jackets, then You can disassemble 800 jackets, 200 white, 300 yellow, and 300 silver. It can also be broken down into sizes, such as 100 small white pieces, 400 medium yellow pieces, and 300 large silver pieces. In short, there are many general methods to solve your needs, you just need to email us.





How to Start an FPP Order With Mladen Garment?


1- Through our website product library, tell us the size, quantity, and color required for each style. We will provide you with a quotation according to your request.

2- Email the technical package and design drawings to

3- The manufacturer produces pre-production samples for the buyer’s preference.

4- After the buyer confirms the pre-production samples, the manufacturer starts mass production of bulk goods.

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FPP Clothing Manufacturer FAQ


# My business has just started and the MOQ cannot be reached, but I want to have my own design, what should I do?

We will launch new designs of our own from time to time, our designs can be used to provide ODM services, we can paste your logo.



# Can 300 pieces be FPP?

We provide 300 pieces of FPP service. The development of each piece of clothing has to go through a long process of pattern making, sample production, reproduction, and production of prototypes. If your quantity is less than 1,000 pieces, the development cost will be shared equally. Up to 300 large items will be very expensive and may cause your retail price in the market to be too high and lose customers.



# How long does it take to develop samples?

Normally, we need 10-15 working days. After we make a sample, if there is a need to adjust the pattern, then we need to re-make the sample, and the time for the remake is the same as the first time to make the sample.



# What is the lead time for FPP?

After the sample is confirmed, we usually deliver it in about 70 days. The specific needs are calculated according to the quantity and complexity of the style.



# What is the difference between FPP and CMT Clothing?

For the FPP service, you only need to hand over your design to us. Then you have plenty of time to think about good sales methods or even vacation. For CMT Clothing, you need to purchase fabrics and accessories by yourself and perform quality control of the fabrics and accessories, and this work is very cumbersome and easy to make mistakes.