What Is a Coach Jacket?

Below, we will answer the question, “What is a coach jacket?” We’ll cover some of its key qualities along with how to wear this slick fit. 

Definition of a coach jacket

Coach jackets have been worn by sports coaches and athletes alike for the last half a century, and the iconic fit has evolved into a staple of streetwear brands around the world. 

But what is a coach jacket exactly? 

A coach jacket is very similar to a windbreaker, made of a nylon material that is sometimes lined with cotton or flannel. It most often has a squared-off collar and snap-up buttons.

Coach jackets commonly feature sports team logos or streetwear brands on the front, back, or both. 

Are coach Jackets warm?

Coach jackets can be very warm depending on what material they’re made with. Some have a soft interior lining that helps keep the wearer warm, even in snowy weather. 

However, others are only a thin layer of nylon, meaning they don’t offer too much protection from the cold. Even if a coach jacket is warm, it won’t be enough for super cold winters. 

What’s the difference between a coach jacket and a windbreaker?

While coach jackets and windbreakers are alike in many ways, there are a few key differences that we’ll go over here. 

First, coach jackets have squared collars that point downward, while windbreakers typically have a rounded collar that stands straight up. 

Also, windbreakers almost always feature a vertical zipper to secure the jacket to your body or take it off. Coach jackets, on the other hand, have snap-up buttons instead, reflecting the classic 20th-century design. 

It’s more common for modern windbreakers to have hoods than classic coach jackets. However, it’s not unheard of for newer coach jackets to feature them as well. 

Where are coach jackets made?

Coach jackets are made in various countries around the world, so your jacket may have been made in a different place than someone else’s. 

Like many other types of clothing, most coach jackets are manufactured in Southeast Asia, in places like Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, or Bangladesh. 

However, there are coach jackets made in the United States, the UK, and other Western countries as well. 

You can always check the tag of the coach jacket you’re interested in to find out where it was manufactured. 

What are coach jackets made of?

Most coach jackets are made from nylon, a lightweight and durable material that has become a standard fabric used in many modern clothing designs. 

It’s typically water repellant, making it good for autumn and spring when it tends to rain more often. Depending on the manufacturing quality, a coach jacket’s snap buttons may be made from plastic or metal. 

Are coach jackets good quality?

Just like other kinds of jackets, coach jackets vary greatly in quality depending on how and where they’re made. Different brands hold themselves to different standards, higher or lower, based on their budget and design ethic. 

Are coach jackets waterproof?

Coach jackets may or may not be waterproof, depending on the brand and materials used. Nylon materials, depending on how thick they are, have water repellant qualities that can help keep you dry. 

However, nylon isn’t often completely waterproof. Check the manufacturer’s website to find out if your coach jacket is waterproof. 

How to wear a coach jacket?

Here are some style tips for how to wear a coach jacket. 

Carhartt WIP Coach Jacket

This slick streetwear coach jacket pairs well with chinos and a t-shirt. In colder weather, you can wear a light sweater underneath without overheating. 

Chinatown Satin Coach Jacket

Pair this comfortable coach’s jacket with black jeans and a white t-shirt. Otherwise, chinos and two shirts underneath. However, you can’t wear satin jackets in the rain. 

Made in New York Coach’s Jacket 

This olive coach’s jacket is perfect for transitionary weather in autumn and early spring. Pair it with a light-colored hoodie, black jeans, or chinos. 

NikeLab Collection Coaches

These formal/athletic wear coach jackets go with elevated streetwear. A blank white t-shirt, well-cut chinos or slim jeans, and bold sneakers go with this cut. 

Vans Torrey Coach Jacket

A skate-style coach jacket, this design goes well with Vans or Converse shoes, slim-fit chinos, or baggy jeans, along with a long t-shirt of whatever color you choose. 


Using the information you learned from this guide, you should be able to pick out a coach’s jacket from the rack and add it to a stylish outfit. 

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