What Is a 3 in 1 Jacket?

You may have sometimes bundled several layers to stay warm in winter. 3 in 1 jacket saves you a little of that trouble by combining all your layers into one piece of clothing. But what is a 3 in 1 jacket, exactly? Read on to find out.

How do 3 in 1 Jackets Work?

A 3 in 1 jacket (also known as a system jacket) consists of two coats that zip together to form one coat. You can wear them as one complete piece or separate the layers into 3 different looks. In a way, it condenses a whole set of layers you would otherwise keep separate into one convenient piece.

It’s easy to combine these jackets. All you have to do is zip the inner jacket to the inside of the outer jacket—no need for any extra snaps, buttons, or velcro. 

Each part of the jacket can also function on its own. The innermost and outermost layers are fully insulated and stylish, with their own pockets and weather protection.

You can also choose how far to zip the two jackets together. If the jacket layers are contrasting colors, you might leave the jackets slightly unattached, so the innermost shell’s color shows through. Or you could just leave them unzipped apart from each other while wearing them layered.

The innermost layer does not have a waterproof coating, but it’s still fleece lined and has pockets for venting moisture and keeping small items. It’s probably best for early spring or autumn.

The outermost layer has a waterproof coating, so it’s better for rain and snow. This layer is probably best worn in the late fall when it’s not cold enough yet to combine the two layers.

Benefits of a 3 in 1 Jacket 

When we talked about how 3 in 1 jacket work, we indirectly lined out several of the jacket’s benefits.

One benefit is that you have different jackets for all kinds of weather. With one 3 in 1 jacket, you have a layer for slightly warmer weather and another layer on top for colder.

You also have a chance for some pretty cool style. Each layer of a 3 in 1 coat has its own colors and zippers, so whether you wear them together or on their own, you look cool wearing them.

Putting the jackets back together again is easy with a couple of zippers. Plus, the hoods are usually detachable, so you can keep customizing the jacket for any weather.

How to Choose a 3 in 1 Jacket 

3 in 1 jacket come in varying styles and materials. Most importantly, you should decide which combination of fabrics will work best for you.

The outermost layer usually has a waterproof membrane that breathes really well and lasts longer than tighter weaves of fabric.

The innermost layer is either made from fleece or a softshell material. Fleece works well for insulating the inside of the jacket but retains moisture more easily, so if you sweat it won’t evaporate as easily.

Softshell works as a great weather protector better when the innermost layer stands alone. It’s also better for people who like being active because it stretches and breathes better.

Is a 3 in 1 Jacket Good for Skiing? 

While there’s plenty to love about 3 in 1 jacket, they’re probably not the best for performance skiers. Their fit and material quality would wear out pretty fast with this kind of skiing. On the other hand, if you’re more of a casual skier, a 3 in 1 jacket is not a bad jacket to start out with. 


3 in 1 jacket are probably the most versatile coat on the market, with all sorts of styles and materials. You can wear them however you like, and putting them back together is always a snap.

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What Is a 3 in 1 Jacket?

You may have sometimes bundled several layers to stay warm in winter. 3 in 1 jacket saves you a little of that trouble by combining